Holiday Stress Relief Coloring Page

Do you need a quick mental health break? The holiday stress relief coloring page can help you.

stress relief coloring page


Although the holidays are often labeled as “the most wonderful time of the year,” many people still experience feelings of stress, sadness, and anxiousness during this time. These holiday blues could be attributed to loneliness, the financial strain that can come with gift-giving, or unrealistic holiday expectations – not to mention, the added layer of stress that has inherently come with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Taking time to clear your mind, slow down, and temporarily remove yourself from the hustle and bustle of the holidays can be an effective way to manage stress and feelings of anxiousness. Studies show that coloring can actually relax your brain. The simple act of coloring can temporarily take the attention of yourself or the stressors in your life and help you feel more relaxed.

Print out the stress-relief coloring page above or gift it to a loved one this season to show you care from afar. This is a great activity for a quick mental health break during the day if you feel stress coming on or to unwind in the evening.


stress relief coloring page

stress relief coloring page


A simple health-focused care package during the holiday or winter season can also go a long way when showing you care from a (social) distance. Encouraging others to prioritize their health or practice self-care this season can be an effective way to minimize a loved one’s holiday stress, anxiety, or depression.

Here are a few care-package ideas:

  • COVID-19 Care Package: hand sanitizer, face mask, cozy socks, candle, toilet paper, a stay-at-home game

  • For Aging Adults: personal care items/toiletries, puzzle, warm blanket, encouraging card or letter

  • Encouraging Self-Care: scented candle, spa/grooming products, eye mask, essential oils, herbal tea

  • Get Well Soon Care Package: tissues, DVD or book, soup, mug

Once you’ve created your care-package, send it off with an encouraging and uplifting gift tag!


stress relief coloring page

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