6 Creative Home Office Ideas for Stay-At-Home Moms

6 creative home office ideas for stay-at-home moms.

creative home office ideas

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Working from home makes it easier to pay the bills and be there for your kids. You don’t have to worry about a commute or plan your day around an inflexible work schedule. At the same time, it can feel disorienting not to work in a dedicated space. Office buildings give you a desk or cubicle to help you get in the zone, which feels much different from working on your feet while taking care of your children.

You don’t have to sacrifice your headspace to live the life you want. Use these six creative home office ideas for stay-at-home moms to convert any space into a cozy nook where you can tackle your to-do list:

Hang your desk

Desks don’t have to rest on the floor. Look into desks that fold into themselves and hang on the wall. When you don’t need it, it won’t take up any space because it converts into a flat wall decoration. You can also install it anywhere there’s free wall space, which is perfect for smaller homes or rental units.

Reinvent your living room

If you don’t have an extra room in your home to turn into an office space, you’re part of the vast majority of people. You could always put a desk in your living room, but what if you don’t have space? Enter the lift-top coffee table.

Lift-top coffee tables come in many designs and styles. Find one that’s similar to what you already have and matches your living room decor. When you’re ready to work in the morning, sit on the couch and pull the lid up toward you. It becomes your new desk for however long you need to work and folds back into a regular coffee table after you clock out. 

Renovate a wall

While you’re thinking about how to make a home office, review your budget and see if you have room for a slight renovation. You could always enlist a contractor to open a wall in your home and install a built-in desk. It’s one of the more unique home office ideas that adds class and character to any room. These desks are also great because you can always repaint them. You can redesign your built-in workspace with whatever interior design styles you like in the future.

Transform your hallway

People often forget that hallways have space you can utilize when you work from home. If you want to transform your hallway into an office, all you need is a compact desk. You might also install a hanging desk if it would be tough to get around something traditional.

The pictures and art already hanging in the hallway would be instant office decor. You’d always be just steps away from your child’s bedroom or the living room so you can keep an eye on them while you work on projects.

Use the playroom

Your kid’s playroom might look like a cyclone of toys whirled through, but it could also include a desk for your workspace. One night after your child goes to sleep, organize the toys, and choose a corner to work in. As long as you keep small, loose objects tucked away and tape the power cords where tiny hands can’t find them, your kids will love having you sit with them while their imagination makes the day fly by.

Site on the porch

Who says you have to work indoors? Move your laptop outside while your kids break out the chalk or play on the swingset. You can always create an outdoor office with a porch chair or bench. Don’t forget the all-important power cord extension so you can charge your laptop on days when the weather is too nice to pass up.

Consider your home

Now that you’ve read a few small office ideas, consider your home’s layout to decide which option is right for you. You’ll create the perfect place to work and watch your kids without having to pack up and move.

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