How to Plan Trips with a Newborn

How to plan trips with a newborn?

plan trips with a newborn

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Having a baby is arguably one of the sweetest joys of life. You’ve just gained a new best friend for life – one that you’ll enjoy watching as they grow. However, all of that comes after they leave the newborn phase. 

While they’re still babies, kids tend to add a layer of difficulty to activities that were once simple. Planning a trip with a newborn takes special consideration and a lot more planning than usual. Here are a few things to account for if you plan on traveling with a newborn baby. 

Cover the basics – food

Traveling with a newborn means that you’ll need to approach planning a trip from a different angle. For one, you can’t just drop by a local bodega or fast food restaurant to get food when your baby gets hungry, and it will get hungry. 

Breastfeeding simplifies this part of the planning phase. However, if you’re feeding your newborn formula, you should really do your best to stock up for the entire trip. You’ll find that a large percentage of newborns who eat formula tend to like only one kind. In other words, don’t count on being able to grab just anything off the shelf when your baby gets hungry. 

Clothing and accessories

Babies, just like the rest of us, are sensitive to different climates. If you’re traveling to an area that has a different climate than your baby is used to, you’ll want to pack a few options. Bring clothes for both cold and warm weather. That way you won’t find yourself in a pinch if your baby gets uncomfortable. 

Clothing aside, make sure to bring all the necessary accessories. If you’re heading out to a tropical destination, try to find a sun hat ahead of time. Babies aren’t generally crazy about hats so there could be some trial and error involved in finding the right one. Having the clothing, accessories, and food prepared ahead of time will make the entire experience easier. 

Road trip? Get the right car seat

Road trips with newborns can be fun and far less stressful than flights. You don’t have to worry about other passengers, you can take a break whenever you want and more. However, traveling by car brings its own set of complications.

For one, you need to find the right car seat for your newborn. We suggest you head to a prominent store and find a seat that is both certified and of proven quality. You’ll need a seat that offers the necessary protection, but also one that is comfortable enough to keep your kid happy during a long ride. 


Flying with a newborn is one of the most dreaded experiences for new parents, or so they think. Some babies get irate when flying, others seem to enjoy the experience. If you suspect that your baby might become restless during a flight, you might want to try one of the oldest tricks in the book – matching the flight with your baby’s sleep pattern. 

The idea is simple. Track your baby’s sleep patterns and try to find flights that align with your kid’s bedtime. If you time everything right, you’ll have a tired baby who will sleep through the entire flight. 

Naturally, this isn’t always possible, but this trick is a lifesaver for restless babies and long flights. 

Prepare yourself and your baby

Even if you’re done with packing and going through TSA, there are still a few things you can do to prepare yourself and your baby for the upcoming flight. Change your baby’s diaper before boarding. Once you get on the plane, changing diapers becomes 10x more difficult. 

If you’re on a long, international flight, you’ll be changing diapers no matter what. That being said, the fewer times you have to bring your baby to the bathroom the better. 

Also, pay attention to your kid during liftoff and landing. Newborn babies are sensitive to pressure changes, which could trigger them to cry. One good way to solve this is to feed them during these critical portions of your flight. 

Earplugs, care packages

Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. It’s no secret that rarely anyone enjoys spending 3+ hours in an aircraft with a screaming baby.

 If all else fails, it’s a great idea to prepare small care packages for passengers near you. Things like earplugs, snacks, and a small note are usually enough to defuse even the crankiest fliers. 

If your baby starts crying mid-flight, don’t panic. It’s perfectly normal. Try to console your newborn, but don’t beat yourself too much over it. Your baby could simply be cranky and there’s not much you can do about it. 

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