9 Unique Gifts Your Spouse Will Love This Holiday

9 unique gifts your spouse will love this holiday.

unique gifts for your spouse

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Every year, spouses struggle to acquire the ideal gift for each other for Christmas. This article comes as a blessing to those couples. It will give you ideas on unique gifts you can buy for your loved one.


Let your spouse know you care about their workout sessions and want to help them recover with a theragun. This device uses vibration therapy to reduce soreness and pain after a workout. It increases blood flow to the muscle tissues and relaxes them to improve motion. If your partner has fitness goals, the theragun will help them achieve that objective.

Cuckoo clock

A collector’s item and a timeless art piece, cuckoo clocks are unique. The cuckoo bird is crafted by hand using techniques handed down from one generation to the next. The structure that houses the bird is also an art piece. Cuckoo clocks can last for years without getting spoilt. A cuckoo clock will remind your spouse of their life growing up.

Printed letterpress map

Letterpress is an archaic form of printing whereby you use plates and presses to produce artistic impressions. It was forgotten until recently. Today, some artists have learned this printing technique and are using it to print everyday pictures.

A printed letterpress map is a unique gift because it’s not your ordinary printed paper. Moreover, you can use the maps to plan your next holiday destination. Alternatively, you can request the vendor to modify the print and generate a map of your spouse’s hometown.

One year subscription streaming services

Keep your spouse entertained by paying for a year’s subscription on the available streaming platforms. Get them the elite package to give them access to premium content. Your spouse can watch their favorite series or shows on this platform. It will also be great for movie nights.

Portable Bluetooth printer

A portable is small and convenient to carry around. You can put it in your backpack and go to work. This printer is unique because most printers are bulky. With a portable printer, your spouse can quickly publish a document and take it to a meeting or print pictures and hang them.

Wine bottle insulator

Gone are the days when you had to put the wine bottle in the fridge to make it cool. A wine bottle insulator saves time, and you can place it on the table with your wine. It will be there conveniently placed within reach during dinner.

A wine bottle insulator is one of those simple, yet necessary inventions. Once you purchase one, you’ll regret not having purchased it sooner. It will be a great gift for a spouse that enjoys their wine or drinks chilled.

Compact fireplace

Help your spouse keep warm by purchasing a compact electric fireplace. They emit the same heat as a regular fireplace without causing air pollution. Your spouse can plug it in when they feel chilly. To conserve energy and lower your electricity bills, invest in one that utilizes renewable energy.

Phone sanitizer

Did you know your phone is a health hazard? People take their phones everywhere. It’s the most touched personal device. Most people will sanitize their hands and forget about their phones. Keep your spouse safe by buying a phone sanitizer for them. The sanitizers are portable and very effective.

For convenience, purchase an ultra-violet sanitizer that can also charge the phone. That way, every time your spouse charges their phone, they remember to disinfect it.

Touching keychain

The latest device on the market is a keychain designed to prevent direct contact with surfaces. It has a hook to help you pull on doors and a soft pointer for typing on smart screens. This would be a great Christmas gift for your spouse.

To conclude, surprise your spouse with the above unique gifts. The items are designed for the modern age. For example, the CBD bath bomb wouldn’t be there if the government had not legalized medicinal marijuana.

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