Fun Christmas Games for the Whole Family

Fun Christmas games for the whole family.

fun Christmas games


Christmas games for the whole family are the perfect way to liven up the holidays, even if you’re having a remote gathering on a video call. Family Christmas games can range from painting a Christmas tree, cooking together, to guessing what’s under the wrapping paper. The most important thing is that everyone has fun and has a memorable evening spending quality time with loved ones.

To help you have the Christmas season you want, I’ve compiled some of my favorite Christmas games that will undoubtedly liven up your holiday festivities. To keep your family having fun and spreading joy, take a look at these Christmas games for kids and families. 

Keep reading for some fun Christmas game ideas that’ll make the holidays a memorable time for the whole family.

Holiday charades

Holiday charades is a classic Christmas game that makes for a fun and interesting way to enjoy the holidays with family. To play, divide the players into two teams, and have the first player select a holiday-themed prompt to act out. The teams will take turns trying to guess what the player is acting out, and the team that gets the most points wins! Holiday Charades can be easily played over Zoom with family too, making it a great game to play for a socially distanced Christmas.

Download Holiday Charades here.

Switch, steal, unwrap

For this Christmas game, have each person bring a fun, small Christmas gift. If playing with the whole family, make sure the presents are kid-appropriate by using things like chocolate bars. Put all the gifts in a pile in the center of the room and have everyone select a gift at random. Each player rolls a dice to see if they get to switch, steal, or unwrap their gift!

Download Switch, Steal, Unwrap here. 

Christmas Mayhem

To play Christmas Mayhem, print out these printable prompts and divide them up into red and green cards. Have a player select one of each card, then choose another player to be their “helper” (tip: have kids be the players, while adults get to act as their helpers). 

The players will then act out the scene on their prompt, and at the end, the whole family gets to vote on which scene was their favorite. 

Download Christmas Mayhem here.

If you’re looking to spend the holiday season safe at home, these Christmas games by ApartmentGuide are a great way to spend quality time with loved ones at a safe social distance. Try these games with your family during the holiday season, and customize or modify the games to the way your family wants. Merry Christmas!

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