8 Tips to Get Your Baby to Like the Swing

8 tips to get your baby to like the swing.

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Is your baby stubborn? Doesn’t your baby like to be in a swing? You might have tried making your baby like the swing and sleep in it, but all your efforts went in vain. So what do you do? Well, you require attractive, stylish, and comfortable baby swings to make your baby like them.

Read more about the best baby swings to buy a perfect one in which your kid will love to relax and spend more time. However, not only the swing but also some other factors matter. Let me help you by providing the top 8 tips that you can use against the stubbornness of your baby to make him like the swing. So, let’s start with it. 

Why doesn’t your baby like swings?

Before you can make your baby like the swing, you must check why he hates it. Once you find the exact reasons, it will be easier for you to make swings more comfortable for your kid. 

  • Choose the right baby swing, which includes colors, designs, and attached toys.
  • Place the baby swings at the exact place where your baby sleeps currently.
  • There must be darkness in the room, lit the room up.
  • Keep the environment safe for your baby.
  • Frequently check your baby.
  • Find out what swing speed your baby likes.

Top 8 tips to make your baby like the swing

In this section, I will share the top 8 most efficient ways to make your baby like the swing. After all, what you need to do is to ensure your baby likes the swings. Therefore, the following tips will be helpful to make your baby sleep in a swing.

Feed before sleep

Before you put your baby in a swing, you must feed your baby to make sure he feels sleepy. You can nurse, feed, or bottle-feed your baby. It is essential to make sure your baby doesn’t feel hungry anymore before falling asleep. When you ensure that, he will sleep in a really short time. 

Use something that smells like mommy

Do you know babies can smell their moms? Yes, they certainly can, and if the baby cannot find his mom beside him, he might wake up. Babies want to be in the arms of mom, and they get scared otherwise. Put something in the swing that smells like mom or her milk.

Swaddling your baby

When babies are outside the womb, their bodies do not jerk, but sometimes it happens, and babies feel insecure. Therefore, you are required to swaddle your baby if he wakes up and cries out because of jerking. It will help him realize he is safe.

Use white noise

New parents might have heard about using white noise. It has a soothing temper, which helps your kid fall asleep quicker and let the babies sleep for longer. There are several ways to use white noise like toys, mobile apps to play music, and many more.

You can try shushing

In most cases, white noises work efficiently. However, sometimes, due to some reasons, it may not work. In this situation, parents can use old fashioned shushing. It is because the noise has stuck in human brains for centuries and can make your baby calm.

Swing without using motor

No matter how speedy the swing is, you must start with short swings of medium speed and end with long and slow swings. Your baby will surely fall asleep. Some swings have an attached motor that creates a loud noise. It becomes irritating and disturbing for babies. So, use swing without the swing-motor. 

Make your baby sleep before swing

Most moms face issues while making their babies sleep. Yes, when a mom tries to put her baby into a swing, the baby often wakes up. It happens because babies do not remain in movements, and they do not feel curled, comfy, and safe. Also, baby swings are different from the comfort and warmth of a mother’s lap. So, make your baby fall asleep before putting him into the swing. Also, give motion like back and forth to swings.

You must not wait until baby gets overtired

If babies are overtired, they do not like to play, eat, or sleep. The only thing that a baby does is screaming or crying. If your baby gets overtired and does not like baby swings, you can not expect miracles to happen while putting him into the swing.

Wrapping up

If your baby is uncomfortable to be in the swing, you must try to find out the reasons. Also, try these eight easy tips to make your baby fall asleep in the swing. Let me know what trick worked for you in the below box. Stay connected for more parenting tips.

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