13 Holiday Gifts That Will Make You the Best Mom Ever

13 holiday gifts that will make your the best mom ever.

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Are you seeking the perfect gift for your kids this season? Who doesn’t want to hear squeals of delight from beneath the tree? If you hope to win Mom of the Year, here are 13 ideas for holiday gifts that are sure to please. 

A weekend getaway

Did you have to cancel your family vacation this year? While COVID-19 threw a wrench into travel plans, you can still enjoy a safe, socially distant getaway closer to home. 

Why not pack up the family truckster and plan a road trip? You can call ahead to check on hotel safety measures or pitch a tent. Gift-wrap it by printing a fun vacation gift certificate to include in your child’s card — let them pick at least one of the destinations. 

An outdoor playset

Your kids crave active outdoor playtime to develop young minds and muscles. However, if your little one has a health condition, you might not feel safe letting them play on equipment that other hands touch. 

Unlike gifts that your kids outgrow, a playset sees use year after year — even as they age. Plus, you improve their physical and mental health and indulge their need to play. 

A keyboard playmat

Remember the scene in “Big” where Tom Hanks has a blast dancing on a giant piano? You can recreate the magic with a keyboard playmat that lets your little one play a tune with their feet. 

This gift also gets young bodies moving, upping their exercise quotient. Childhood obesity remains a severe problem in the U.S. Help to combat it with this present. 

A personal ball pit

Does your kiddo miss the ball pit at the local Mickey D’s or other kid-friendly restaurants the most out of pandemic losses? Why not make their year by giving them the gift of a personal one? 

This present delights both you and your little one. You might have had germ-o-phobic tendencies before the pandemic. Although facilities follow strict sanitization guidelines, it’s impossible to avoid close contact with other hands and bodily fluids in such play areas. 

A pair of battle drones

Here’s a gift idea for the child who can’t get enough of all things aeronautics. Drones are fantastic gifts individually, but a battle set lets them make the sky their war zone. 

Your budding young fighter pilot can swoop and strategize. These devices let them have safe, socially distant fun with another — they’re ideal for high-risk groups who don’t dare get near others for playtime. 

A spindoodle game

If you learned how to draw mandalas as an adult, you might adore this mindfulness activity. Why not let your kids in on the fun?

A Spindoodle game lets them make decorative snowflakes and more. They don’t need a lick of artistic ability. 

A moon lamp

Is your almost-tween too old to sleep with a nightlight — but not old enough to relish stumbling to the bathroom blind at 1:00 a.m.? Illuminate their journey with a moon lamp. 

These devices make it look like Diana herself visited your child’s bedroom. They provide a nifty science lesson — and a convenient cover story if they are still afraid of the dark. 

A set of hair chalk

Has your 10-year-old begged to dye their hair? You might not relish the idea of taking them to the salon for repeated root touch-ups yet. 

However, a set of hair chalk adds color that rinses away when they shampoo. They can go pink one day and neon green the next without harmful chemicals. 

An indoor bowling set

Technically, you could recreate this game with empty pop bottles and a soft rubber ball. But where’s the fun in that? 

Bring home the authentic alley experience with an indoor bowling set. Add a pack of soft pretzels to your gift pack —  they are the best part, after all! 

An animatronic baby Yoda

Does your child love all things, “Star Wars?” Indulge their passion with an animatronic baby Yoda. 

Warning — “the child” is so adorable that you might want him on your work desk. If you have deep pockets, pick up one for yourself, too. 

A write and activity desk

The littlest learners love to homeschool, too. Let them study like the big kids with a write and activity desk. 

If your child is starting kindergarten soon, look for an adjustable model that grows with them. That way, they’ll have a place to do their homework once they graduate from all-day learning. 

A pair of binoculars

Do you have a budding birdwatcher on your list? A quality pair of binoculars makes you the best mom ever. 

These devices also come in handy when you throw a family back-porch camping night. You can identify various constellations and take a closer look at the stars. 

An Osmo Genius Kit

Online learning means exposing kids to tons of free time. Get them a hands-on complement to their virtual classroom.

Osmo Genius Kits work with the iPad and provides manipulatives to get little fingers learning. You can find various models, including a starter kit

Win the holiday with these gifts that make you the best mom ever

If you want to win the holidays, the gifts above are sure to please your kids. Delight them this year with one of these ideas that will have them screaming, “You’re the best mom ever!” 

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