How to Simplify Moving Your Kid Out for College

How to simplify moving your kid out for college?

simplify moving your kid out for college

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College is an important step in your child’s life. They join over 18 million young adults who have entered as freshmen or are finishing up their lives in secondary education. It can be both scary and thrilling to begin a new chapter in their life.

It’s the same for you. While you’re sad your child is leaving you’re also happy they can fulfill their dream. Unfortunately, the only way to make them feel comfortable in their new environment is to sometimes move their entire room with them to the dorm or apartment.

This can be a stressful situation for you and your student. However, there are ways to ease the panic long before moving day. Here are some ways to simplify the relocation of your child for college.

Plan ahead

Most likely, your child wants to deconstruct her room and move it to college. First, everything they bring won’t fit in the dorm. Second, it’s too much to relocate, particularly if the school is more than an hour away.

To prevent this, make a plan. Sit down with your soon-to-be college student and make a list of items that must be moved and the ones that can be left at home. It might take some time and a few angry moments to get the list right. However, by the time you pack the car, you’ll have a go-to list to sort things out.

Let someone else do it

You want to enjoy the final moments with your child before they move to college. So, you don’t want to spend it hauling boxes and clothes around. Local movers in Connecticut, or wherever it may be, can help make it a lot easier.

Many companies ease the tension with transports that are only a few hours long. Organizations like Collegian Movers specialize in these types of relocations. As a result, they’ve worked with hundreds of parents and children to make their moves stress-free.

Rent a storage trailer

The worst thing about getting your child to college is how stuffed your car gets with everything your child wants to take. Even a minivan can quickly fill up with so much material you’ll wonder where it all came from.

A way to minimize this type of organization and keep everyone safe is to rent a small storage trailer. The smallest ones can fit a Queen-sized mattress, clothing, and accessories and still have room left over. The return on investment is certainly worth it.

Contact the roommate(s) ahead of time

Your child should contact their roommate(s) ahead of time to get to know the individual or group. One of the things they should talk about is who will bring what to the dorm room or apartment.

This simplifies what your child needs to bring as well as saves money. For instance, instead of buying all of the kitchen equipment, you may only need to purchase dishes and silverware.

Purchase items when you arrive

Another way to simplify your child’s move to college is to not bring everything. Have them pack the necessities and their most cherished moments. Once they’re all unpacked in their room, you can run out and purchase additional items.

There are two reasons for this. First, you get a sense of the room’s size and what was brought in by their roommate(s). Second, you and your child see what retail outlets are available. In turn, they can purchase other items at a later date.

Make it a family event

Going to college is a momentous occasion. Be it the first or last to attend, it’s a rite of passage for many young adults. So, rather than go it alone, have everyone participate in the move.

Delegate tasks to those who want to participate. Perhaps a few people help the college-bound child move stuff out of the room. Another sweeps and vacuums. When you arrive, assign people to unpack the car and others to help decorate. While they might not show it, your child will feel grateful for the help.

Don’t let your child’s first college experience be one of frustration and sadness. Follow the above steps to make the transition as smooth as possible. They’ll be happy you did so, and you’ll be ready for the next college move-in.

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