The Importance of Finding the Perfect Family Dentist

Why is it important to find the perfect family dentist?

perfect family dentist

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Dental hygiene is a critical component of your overall health. Dentists and others who handle oral treatments can discover something that relates to a larger whole-body issue. Nevertheless, not everyone visits a dentist regularly.

While 85% of those between 2-17 have visited their dentist at least once a year, only 65 percent of adults have done the same. It’s a do as they say, not as they do type of situation.

Reasons for the dichotomy

One reason there’s a difference between child and adult visits is the type of dentist. They may only deal with younger patients. The adults might not have one for economic reasons. Another possibility is they simply fear the dentist or had a bad experience with their past practice.

This has to be corrected as soon as possible. After the events of 2020, there are probably more people who need a good family dentist due to anxious teeth grinding or an increase of pressure-related headaches. To figure this out, here are some reasons with it’s important to find a perfect family dentist.

The are with you for a long time

Though you probably switch general practitioners as you get older, you don’t do the same with a dentist. You pair up with them for as long as they’re active. This builds loyalty.

It also eases fear of going to the annual check-up. The more you rely on them, the better you feel about their diagnosis. Even if something goes wrong, you know they’ll be honest about the steps needed to correct the issues.

They can be a one-stop-shop for oral health

If you did encounter a problem in the past, the dentist might have sent you to an oral surgeon outside of their office. If braces were needed, they would refer you to an orthodontist. The dental practices of today are a bit different.

While there are still stand-alone environments, a lot of dentists work within organizations with other oral health professionals. For instance, if an orthodontist in Cary, NC was needed, they could refer you to their in-house professional. Plenty of practices in your area feature this type of business model.


Family dentist practices are no longer sterile environments that feel like an operating room. They try to make their offices as comfortable as possible. In turn, their waiting spaces and treatment rooms feature warm colors and soothing music. Sometimes, they provide an opportunity to watch television during procedures.

This has been shown to reduce the level of anxiety in patients. For adults who are fearful of the dentist, the atmosphere helps them to go with their family for regular check-ups.

Track your family’s health

They may not do a full-body examination, but dentists do perform a comprehensive workup of your family’s oral health history. This is important because it tracks potential problems across generations. In turn, it can lead to proactive treatments.

For instance, a parent might have an issue with gum disease that has lasted through generations. With a complete history, the dentist works with them to ensure their children get regular deep cleanings. In doing so, the risk is reduced when they have kids of their own.

You want to set a good example

Do as they say, not as they do is not the best way to teach children. If they see you avoid the dentist at any cost, then they’ll feel something’s wrong and work to avoid them as well. As a result, no one visits the dentist at any time.

By researching the perfect family dentist the children see you taking an active role in their oral health. When you come with them to the office for your own appointment, it sends a signal that you’re serious about the entire family’s teeth and gums.

The perfect family dentist might not be found in the first outing. It may take several times to locate the oral specialist you want your and your children to use. Be patient as you do your research. Make sure to ask other families where they go and what their experiences have been. Soon enough, you and the family will be on the way to great oral health.

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