Essential Things to Add to Your Kitchen If You Are Serious About Cooking

Essential things to add to your kitchen if you are serious about cooking.

essential things for your kitchen

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Cooking is an art as well as science. Good cooking demands passion, enthusiasm, precision, and creativity. Gourmet cooking is not necessarily the forte of professional chefs; homemakers can also come up with the best gourmet recipes to feed their families. Homemade meals need not always be simple and basic. There are home cooks who portray near professional expertise in the kitchen. 

Whether you are an amateur cook of the hour or a passionate one, you probably have some go-to easy recipes that you love to make. But if you are serious about your cooking and are into gourmet cooking, there are a lot of additional things that you will need in your kitchen. That’s why we have compiled a list of essentials for people who want to take their cooking skills to the next level. 


There are certain basic utensils needed in the kitchen which a cook, whether amateur or professional cannot do without. 

Three basic knives

A full set of knives is not necessary for cooking. Three basic knives can do the job. All a cook needs is a chef’s knife, a serrated bread knife, and a paring knife. These three basic knives can take care of all the chopping and cutting that needs to be done in the kitchen.   

Knife sharpener

Knives can last for a longer period of time if sharpened regularly. How frequently you will need to sharpen your knife depends on how often you use it. A chantry knife sharpener that can be made to stand up on the counter is handy to use. The knife that is to be sharpened can be slid into it. 

Cutting board

Cutting boards are available in many varieties. Glass and stone cutting boards are very attractive. But that’s just about it. They add glamour to the kitchen whereas wood or plastic ones are more useful and practical. 

Non-stick wok

A nonstick wok is used for sauteing, frying, or any kind of even-cooking. It is convenient for fried rice, scrambled eggs, and  stir fry meals. 

Non-stick pan

If you cook a lot of eggs, a non-stick is just the thing you need. It is another multi-use cooking utensil which can cook anything from eggs to pancakes. 

Carbon steel cookware

You might not have heard of it before but if you are serious about your cooking, carbon steel cookware is just the thing for you. The professionals at claim that this cookware, used by professional chefs has great heat retention, is safe to use with high heat, sears food quickly and evenly, and has certain non-stick properties. There is a wide range of such carbon steel utensils available in the market.   

Microplane graters

These graters are used to grate things finely for example lemon zest and parmesan cheese. They also make it easy to mince garlic, shallots, and peppers. 

Measuring cups and spoons

Accuracy in the measurement of ingredients is a must when you are cooking, specifically baking. Without accuracy and precision, your baked goods can go horribly wrong which is why measuring cups and spoons are vital in any baker’s kitchen. 


Food processors and blenders

A blender is a necessity for blending liquids like soups and purees. Food processors can, on the other hand, be used with minimal liquid. Moreover, they can blend, chop, dice, and slice, making food preparation a quick and easy job.   

Pressure cookers

A pressure cooker is not so well kept secret for quick meals. Every professional knows that if you are held up for a time, the best way to cook is to toss the ingredients into a pressure cooker and relax. The food will be ready before you know it.  

Digital thermometer

When you are very particular about the temperature to which you want to heat your food or how well done you want your meat, a digital thermometer is a big help. This helps you gauge the exact temperature to which your food has reached. This is highly recommended to avoid undercooked meals which can result in food poisoning. 


A whisk should be next on your list if you are into making homemade sauces. You need to look for a whisk with thin wires if you want the liquids you emulsify to be smooth. 

Salad spinner

A salad spinner or a salad tosser washes the greens and removes excess water from them. The salad dressing can thus stick to the leaves without being diluted too much. 


A microwave must be somewhere at the top of the list for a professional cook. It is a misconception that microwaves are used only for warming up food. The present day microwaves can be used for braising, grilling, and baking as well as they come with an inbuilt oven and grill. 

Apart from the list that we have compiled for you, there are many other utensils and appliances which are necessary for a kitchen. The essentials mentioned on this list are needed if you are really serious about your cooking and indulge in a lot of gourmet cooking as well. For a novice, the very basic pots and pans will also suffice. So, if you are passionate about cooking, go ahead, stock up your kitchen, and indulge in your passion. Happy cooking! 

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