COVID-19 – Staying Healthy on Halloween 

How to stay healthy on Halloween during the COVID-19 pandemic?

staying healthy on Halloween during COVID-19

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Halloween is approaching, and on a Saturday, too! The problem is that COVID-19 has made it so that Halloween as we know it is done for. The idea of kids going to random people’s houses was going the way of the dodo before, but even more so now. For trunk or treaters, a mass gathering seems not too smart. 

Many parents are left wondering how they can have a Halloween their kids will never forget. Let’s look at some ways.

COVID-friendly haunted houses 

A haunted house is a staple of Halloween time, but right now, it’s not the most pandemic-friendly move. Luckily, there have been a few haunted houses popping up that are more COVID-friendly. One example is haunted houses where you’re in your car. For example, haunted car washes have been popping up. If your car needs cleaning, all the better. Look around your town and see what the options are. 

No-contact trick or treating 

Another example of something you can do is set up a no-contact trick or treat session. Talk to your neighbors or family and see if they can leave some candy outside for your kids. In order to have a more authentic experience, one thing you can do is a video chat with each person in the house you and your kids visit.

Movie night 

This is a simple, yet effective way to have a good Halloween. Just play some spooky movies your kids love. If you have little kids, you probably want to play something more age-appropriate, but there are plenty of family-friendly movies that everyone can enjoy. As your kids are watching movies, you can pass out candy and other Halloween treats.

Halloween cooking 

Consider cooking some yummy Halloween treats at home. For example, you can make a spooky cake with green slime, or bake your very own ghost-shaped cookies. Rather than hunting candy, teaching kids to make their own treats is a valuable skill, and kitchen time can be so fun too.

Candy hunting 

Another idea that’s COVID-friendly is to turn Halloween into an Easter Egg hunt. Hide some candy throughout your home, or in a socially distanced area, and turn it into a game. Maybe you could have some clues your kids could find or some spooky decorations to make the mood more like Halloween. Either way, candy hunting can be fun, and your kids are moving around much more, meaning that they can burn off a little calorie before gorging themselves.


Another way to socially distance yourself from others and have a good time is to go camping, be it in the woods or in your yard. You can set up a fire and have the kids tell spooky ghost stories. This can not only invoke the Halloween spirit, but you can pass a bowl of candy around. 

When you do have a fire, make sure to follow all safety precautions and monitor your kids at all times.

Drive-by trick or treating 

Another way you can have the Halloween experience is to see if there are any trick or treating events that involve not getting out of your car. For example, there may be trunk or treating events that are completely driven by. Or, you could have a curbside pickup at your neighbor’s house. Your kids can still show off their cool costumes and say the words “Trick or treat” while doing this. If you want to have a good time while being safe, why not look for these events?

COVID-friendly costumes 

If you are going to get out, even when you socially distant, it’s important to wear costumes with masks. Obviously, a Halloween mask is not meant for protection, so incorporate a mask into it. Your kid could dress up as a vampire wearing a fang facemask, for example. This way, everyone reduces their risk of catching the virus.

Zoom party 

Finally, you could always go to the Zoom route. Have a little dance or costume party at your home with the other kids. With enough Zoom party games, your kids will forget that they are on a Zoom call. You may even join in on the festivities.

Final thoughts 

Halloween won’t be the same this year. 2020 is definitely a scary year, no ghouls needed. However, by creating some fun activities, your kids can be happy and have a good time while doing so. 

Before we go, we should mention that this year is rough, and it’s okay to want to speak to someone about it. Whether you’re dealing with pandemic stress, problems raising your kids stresses about moving, or whatever else, life is hard. Therefore, you should speak to someone about your issues. 

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