Staying Organized: 5 Tips for Moving Across the Country

Staying organized: 5 tips for moving across the country.

staying organized while moving

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Long-distance moves are often considered more exhausting than an in-state relocation. In addition to gathering all of your belongings, you’ll have to make sure everything is taken care of on the other side of the country. If you’re gearing up for a cross country move, there are ways you can avoid making the trip too stressful.

Moving doesn’t have to be a headache. With a few of the following organization tips, you’ll be able to make sure your move is an enjoyable one:

Lighten your travel load

One of the best ways to avoid a moving day nightmare is to make sure you’re only moving with the essentials. When going cross-country, it’s better to only travel with items that you absolutely need. Start lightening your load early on during the moving process.

The goal is to reduce the weight of all of your belongings to lower the cost of the move. Start sorting through your belongings and make piles for the items that you want to keep, sell, throw away, or donate. Ideally, you’ll be able to reduce a significant amount of your belongings so that you’ll shave several dollars off the total cost of

the move.

Not sure what to part with? Remember that you’ll always be able to furnish and decorate your new home when you get there. The same is also true for clothing, so keep this in mind when deciding what stays or goes.

Refine your travel arrangements

Getting all your moving arrangements in order means double- and triple-checking your travel arrangements. If you plan to use a moving company, it’s important to schedule several months in advance. With a company like Condor moving systems, it’s best to book your reservation ahead of time to make sure they are available during the days you need to move.

In the weeks leading up to your move, make sure to double-check with the moving company to make sure your reservation is still there. As you book your reservations, remember that no reputable moving company asks for the money upfront. In your efforts to make sure the movers you’re using are legitimate, check to make sure they’re insured and licensed.

A moving company that isn’t licensed or insured is likely to be a scammer. Watch out for rogue movers by checking the company’s U.S. DOT number to see if they’re actually licensed or not.

Keep your confidential items close

Another way to keep your move as smooth as possible is to make sure your sensitive items are always safe. When moving, it’s easy to lose track of smaller items like confidential documents. If you lose track of these items, you’ll be setting yourself up for a huge headache. Avoid excess stress by making sure you have copies of all confidential documents before moving. Likewise, during the actual move, make sure you keep these documents on your person so they’re always in sight.

Move your valuables safely

When it comes to transporting valuables, it’s best to keep them close to you as well. If your items are small enough, try to travel with them in a bag or suitcase that you keep close to you. If these valuable items are too large, working with a company that specializes in moving expensive items is the best way to keep your valuables safe. This type of white-glove moving company will get all your items from point A to point B, taking care to keep them safe until you arrive.

Give yourself enough time

Part of the reason moving is so stressful is that people often run out of time when moving. It’s easy to underestimate the number of hours it takes to pack up your belongings and to prepare to relocate. To guarantee a safe and sane move, it’s best to give yourself 3 – 6 months to prepare.

If you have the time, start as early as possible. Starting your planning several months in advance is best. With six months to go, you can start putting a budget together to financially prepare for your move. During this time, make sure you’re able to identify all your moving expenses as well as the type of budget you’ll have during the move.

If you’re gearing up for a cross-country move, keep these tips in mind. Use this guide to help you stay sane and organized as you prep for your upcoming move with ease.

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