10 Things You Need In A New Mommy Survival Kit

10 things you need in a new mommy survival kit.

new mommy survival kit

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There are always new things to learn about being a new mom. It is both an exciting and challenging period in a woman’s life. While some moms prefer to learn on the go, others would want to be prepared beforehand. Either way, this article will be beneficial to you if you are pregnant or a recent mummy. 

This is not an exhaustive list of things to pack in a new mommy survival kit. It’s a list of the essential items which would enable you to get started. Here are ten must things to pack in your new mummy survival kit.


After child delivery, you will likely bleed for a few days to weeks. This is normal in most cases and would require that you put on a large absorbent pad. Even though the hospital provides you with pads, having your preferred pack of pads coming in different sizes would be useful. 

Comfortable panties

If you have some comfortable disposable panties handy, it will save you a lot of laundry and time. While wearing pads, you would likely stain your underwear. Having underwear specifically for this period, and a set of panties you wouldn’t mind throwing away is essential. The panties, as well as being comfortable, should be inexpensive and easy to use with a pad.

Nursing pillow

Breastfeeding is a great way to bond with your new bundle of joy, but finding a comfortable nursing position can be tough and this can also hinder your new baby’s ability to latch on and feed property.  A nursing pillow is a great solution, and it will help you ease into your new routine. There’s a great list of the top recommended nursing pillows on bedroomcritic.com


Batteries are one of those essentials items that can be easily overlooked until they are needed. Almost everyone has heard of the complaint that the baby monitor batteries died, and therefore someone couldn’t tell when the child was crying. The only way to prevent this is to stock up on quality batteries for the baby monitor and other gadgets around that you and your baby might need. It is essential to store them in a safe place, which is out of children’s reach.  As long as the batteries are of good quality, they would always remain useful.

Body lotion and baby wipes

The increase in skin dryness experienced by some new mums would lead to increased drinking of water and also an increase in the application of body lotion. New moms would likely apply more body lotion than usual in a day. Even if you are not a fan of lotion, you might just be thankful that you have a bottle of lotion to soothe your skin whenever faced with the inconvenience of skin dryness.

Wipes are multi-purpose. When you are not using them for the baby’s butt, or for cleaning dusty surfaces, they can be used in the restroom or to get rid of skin dryness that is common postpartum. Depending on the intended use, you can purchase those with or without fragrance.

Lip balm

There is a reason why dry and chapped lips are common pet peeves. A lip balm would be the best remedy to combat lip dryness at every hour of the day. Blistex, a lip balm with an amount of sunscreen, SPF 15, can be applied to protect the lips from dryness and damaging sun rays. There are a variety of lip balms available for purchase in your nearest mall. It is best to get something that is hypo-allergic.

Nursing sleep bras

While wearing a bra and good sleep, don’t usually go together. Nursing Sleep bras are free of underwire found in bras. Underwire is responsible for the discomfort associated with bras. Like Nursing sleep bras are suitable for women who need breast support to sleep comfortably. It is also recommended for nursing mothers or women with large bursts. It is one of the essentials to have in your new mummy survival.

Peri bottle (squirt bottle)

Peri bottle is short for Perineum bottle. A peri bottle will allow you to clean your bottom easily after the delivery of a baby. Even without stitches, the area between your vagina and anus is known as the perineum can be sore and swollen. Even the passage of urine can leave a burning sensation, and hence you might find it difficult cleaning the area. To ensure personal hygiene, the use of a peri bottle would help keep the perineum clean and avoid infection. 

Lavender Oil

Lavender is an essential oil well-known for its great calming and relaxing properties. It helps reduce mental stress. It is suitable for new moms who are looking for methods of employing self-care in their daily routine. The essential oil can be diffused in the air during the day or applied directly to the skin (therapeutic grade lavender oil). Lavender oil can also be added to baths. A combination of Epsom salt and lavender would help relieve some of the itching, stress, and pain associated with childbirth.

Hemorrhoid remedy

Because both pregnancy and child delivery can cause hemorrhoids, it is advisable to get either a cream or ointment to soothe the area.  Hemorrhoids are incredibly uncomfortable due to the itching and bleeding in the anal area, and a remedy at hand is better than none. Talking to your doctor or pharmacist about your therapeutic options would be beneficial. You can also get stool softeners and pain relievers for this discomforting condition, and it is recommended to eat foods rich in fiber.


There is no harm in reiterating that being a new mom is one of the most challenging jobs globally, and it is best to be over-prepared rather than underprepared for this job.  A new mommy survival kit is an excellent gift for a new mom.

Having your essential New Mummy survival kit packed with all the relevant items listed above would make it easier for you to get started on your new mommy journey. You might find that the list above is not exhaustive, and there are still items you would like to pack. Go ahead and do your research. Do not hesitate to review and update each item in your new mommy survival kit.

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