8 Tips for A More Enjoyable Pregnancy

8 tips for a more enjoyable pregnancy.

more enjoyable pregnancy

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You probably heard all the pregnancy horror stories out there and how tough it is. Even though there will be many sleepless nights, a windstorm of emotions, and even some pain, pregnancy is something amazing and beautiful. For those soon-to-be moms that are scared of not enjoying their pregnancy here are ways to make it more enjoyable.

Go on daily walks

There is nothing that will get you in a better mood than taking a nice long stroll outside. It doesn’t matter if it will be on the beach, in the park, or just around your neighborhood. Taking a walk will help you relax and stop your hormones from raging on. We all know that there is nothing better for you than fresh air and vitamin D. 

Take advantage of your status

Unless you get pregnant again there will be no better opportunity to have people help you around. There is no shame in saying yes to someone helping you to carry packages or bags as well as taking the seat on the bus. After all, it is much safer to do so than saying no. And if you are feeling a little extra that they have your husband treat you to some drinks or your favorite takeout.

Start making healthier choices

There is no better time to start living a healthier life than when being pregnant. That is because you have to watch what you are eating as well as eating more nutritious food because you are feeding another human that is growing inside you. Pregnancy food needs to be something delicious yet nutritious. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t treat yourself from time to time, you have to satisfy those cravings.  

Get creative

As we all know you will be going through a storm of negative and positive emotions as you are going through your trimesters. That makes it the best time to reflect on your life and think about what’s next. Think about things like what is your ideal family, what do you want in the future and etc. If you don’t want to bother your family members you can write in a journal to let out your emotions. If you aren’t someone who can put thoughts into words you can try drawing as a way of expressing yourself. Do something that will make you feel happier and less overwhelmed.

Nap whenever your heart desires

Because when you become a new mom your sleep schedule will get messed up it is important to sleep as much as your body desires. If your body needs it, take multiple naps during the day and you will feel as fresh as new. There is nothing more important than getting enough sleep.

Watch your favorite movies

What better time to binge-watch all of your favorite movies and series than while being pregnant? Take time out of the day and dedicate it to only wanting your favorite movies and shows. 

Experiment with your hair

For some women, the change in their hormones will make their hair much thicker and stronger. So, if you are one of those ladies, there is no better time to experiment with your hair. Try out fun different colors that you haven’t had the courage to. But the most important thing is not to use things that have harsh chemicals in it because it can be bad for the baby. If you aren’t interested in changing your hair color try a new fresh cut. 

Don’t forget to laugh

During your pregnancy, embarrassing moments are truly inevitable. That is why you can’t let yourself be mortified by them instead laugh. Don’t be ashamed or beat yourself up when you put your keys in the refrigerator or something silly like that instead tell your husband and laugh together. 

In order to become a biological mother, you must go through all stages of pregnancy. Instead of focusing on the negatives and letting your hormones dictate your life, focus on the positive things, and have fun. Do your best to create memories that will bring up a nice feeling when you look back after a couple of years. 

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