Hiring A Child Custody Attorney in Newport News, VA: Mistakes To Avoid

Hiring a child custody attorney in Newport News, VA – mistakes to avoid.

hiring child custody attorney

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Getting a divorce is already stressful enough in itself, but having children involved in the process is probably a million times more stressful. The scenario gets even worse when the parents cannot agree on the custody. This whole situation can be extremely difficult for children and it can all have a rather huge psychological impact on them, as explained here.

When it comes to the point of battling for custody, you will have to hire an attorney to help you in the case. Unless you are a child custody lawyer yourself, chances are that you won’t be able to handle all of this on your own. That means that you will have to hire a legal representative to offer their assistance and help you win the argument and make sure that your requirements are properly met.

These are your children we are talking about here and that means that you will want to get the perfect attorney services and a professional that will help you achieve what you want. Finding the perfect person might not be as easy as you think. People tend to make a lot of mistakes in the hiring process and then end up being dissatisfied with the services they get.

If you don’t want anything like that to happen to you, you will need to be extremely careful in the process of searching for and hiring your child custody attorney in Newport News. There are a lot of experts who can offer these services and it is your responsibility to avoid making many mistakes while looking for those experts. Let me get you acquainted with some of the most common mistakes people make, so that you can avoid them and consequently hire the best attorney for your specific needs and requirements.

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Rushing into it

I know that the whole situation of getting divorced and trying to work out what’s best for your children is stressful enough in itself and I know that you are probably trying to find an attorney as soon as possible and get the whole process over with, but here’s the thing. If you rush into this decision, chances are that you will regret it afterward. I believe we can all agree on the fact that this is one of the most important decisions you will have to make in your entire lifetime and I am sure that you understand why rushing into it isn’t exactly the smartest idea.

Even though you would want things to be done as soon as humanly possible, I still have to urge you to take your time in the process of choosing the professional to stand by your side and represent you in the child custody case. Not rushing into things will help you get your head clear and do all the necessary research in order to figure out which experts are worth your time and money. Doing the research is of extreme importance and if you rush into a decision, you won’t have the time to do it properly.

Hiring based on fees only

Most people usually don’t have piles of money lying around their homes, meaning that they will probably struggle with paying for the attorney’s retainer. Yet, when it comes to child custody, every parent is ready to give every single penny they have in order to ensure that their case is properly handled. Whether you are struggling to pay the fees or you are ready to give up all your savings for these services, it all leads to one and the same mistake – hiring based on fees only.

This goes two ways. First of all, you might hire a child custody Newport News, VA attorney with the lowest retainer just because you don’t want to pay a bit more. On the other hand, you might hire the most expensive lawyer on purpose, because you might think that the fees indicate quality. The truth is that you shouldn’t do any of these things.

In other words, you should never base your hires on the fees. Large fees aren’t an indicator of quality and extremely low fees are sometimes a sign that something is wrong with the way the attorneys work. In any case, your responsibility is to find the perfect attorney by looking at the qualifications and other important things and leave the fees as the last criterion on the list – an influential one, but definitely not the most significant one.

Not checking specific experience

This is one of the biggest mistakes you can make during the hiring process. When you are in a rush to find your expert, you might forget to check his or her specific experiences in cases like yours. Simply put, this means that you might rush into hiring just any type of lawyer when, in fact, you should hire one that has a lot of experience specifically with child custody cases. This is one of the most crucial factors to keep in mind, so make sure not to forget it at any stage of your hiring process.

Not checking reputation

Similarly to the above, you will have to take a look at the reputation of all the different child custody attorneys in Newport News that you are thinking of hiring. Reputation speaks volumes. If you find that previous clients were generally dissatisfied with the services they received, it would be best to keep on looking and forget about that specific person. You need someone who is highly reputable in their line of work and you will certainly be able to find people like those in Newport News.

Disregarding communication

I am pretty sure that you understand the necessity of communicating honestly and straightforwardly with the attorney you hire. So, if you see some red flags regarding communication during the interviews, don’t disregard those signs. Make sure to find a person who will be honest with you and who will be ready to listen to everything you say instead of being completely uninterested in your particular story.

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