The Easiest Way to Pack Your Kids’ Toys

What is the easiest way to pack your kids’ toys?

pack your kids' toys

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Many aspects of packing are challenging, but if you break things down a bit, it might feel a little less overwhelming. The following guide should help you pack your kids’ toys so that you can move them to your new house.

Get the materials

Packing toys can be a little challenging because of their odd shapes. Each toy looks different, is made out of different materials, has all sorts of moving parts, and they come in different sizes. This means you’ll have to plan things out a little more carefully.

This may seem like too much, but what you’re trying to do is protect these precious toys. The last thing you want is your kids to be sad because their favorite toy got damaged during the move. The first thing you want to do before you keep going is to gather all the materials you’ll need to do this right. You’ll need boxes, packing paper, tape, and a marker. If you are color coding your boxes, then get the corresponding color marker.

Separate toys

You need to separate the toys into the right categories. You want to keep all the small toys in one area. Put all toys with small parts in another and all big toys in another area. If you have delicate toys, then make sure you place those in another area. Go ahead and label each box according to these categories.

If you’ve got board games, make sure you tape those shut before packing them. Smaller toys or toys with small parts should all be placed inside a bag to ensure no piece is lost during the move. All of this may seem like too much, but professional movers in South Florida will tell you that categorizing beforehand ends up saving you from headaches later on.

Paper lined boxes

You’ve got all the toys separated now, so that means you’re ready to start packing your boxes. Before you deal with your boxes, you need to be prepared. What you can do is use packing paper to add a bit of cushion to each box. Just crush your packing paper, and carefully line each box. Once you are done, you can go ahead and start placing your kids’ toys inside.

If you see gaps between toys, crush a little more paper and place it between the toys to keep them safe. You want to pay special attention to the box where you’re packing all the delicate toys. Try to resist the urge to fill each box with many toys or you might crowd the box. About three-fourths of the box can be filled but not more than that.

Inspect as you pack

You must try to inspect each toy as you pack. What you are looking for are toys that your kids no longer play with. If you find some of these, you’ll want to leave those behind. The less you have to pack away, the easier things will be for you. If you see things your kids don’t play with anymore, you can place them in a donate box.

Any toy that is too damaged to be donated should be thrown away unless you know it can be fixed. Make a note of toys that were too damaged, just in case your kids ask about them later. This way you can simply get a new toy to replace the ones that couldn’t come along this move. Remove batteries because these can corrode if temperatures get too hot.

The favorites

As you are packing, make sure you seek out some of the favorites. Every child has one or two favorite toys. You want to keep those handy for them to play with. Set a box aside just for these toys. There’s no need to fill this box up too much; a few toys should be more than enough.

The move won’t take forever, so your kids are going to gain access to the rest of their toys in a few days. Label the box, and place it in a safe place because you don’t want your movers to grab it by mistake. The last thing you want is to start your road trip to your new place with unhappy kids.

Be patient. This part is going to take some time, but you’ll be so thankful you took the time to do things right. Talk to your movers to see if they have additional tips for you as you continue to pack.

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