Useful Gifts That are Perfect for Expecting Fathers

Useful gifts that are perfect for expecting fathers.

gifts for expecting fathers

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Even people with a knack for gifts often have no idea what to get a dad-to-be as a present. Things become even more complicated since as a rule, couples who are waiting for a child, have already bought all conceivable and the inconceivable baby gear, from bibs to strollers. In addition to that, the army of friends and relatives have done a great deal of work to shower them with all kinds of toys and clothes.

Well, it is too early to be desperate as, in fact, your options are far more extensive than it may appear at first glance. Try to think outside the box and check out our awesome list chock-full of useful gifts that are perfect for expecting fathers!

Baby carrier for dads

We bet it is the last thing to cross your mind, but believe it or not, a quality baby carrier is something a new dad will highly appreciate. Despite what you may think, dads love babywearing and they just need a suitable gear to fulfill their dreams. That is why, if you want to make a really useful gift to a dad-to-be, do not look any further and find an appropriate baby carrier. Check your local stores or go online and you will be surprised by the massiveness and diversity of the offering.

Just a heads up, there are a couple of rules to follow or, otherwise, he will say thank you and will never use your present. As explained at, it is important to look for a carrier that doesn’t look girly, hence stay away from anything that might resemble a floral print. Instead, stick with conservative colors or the army patterns, which might be a perfect fit, and look for easy-to-use options, avoiding any complicated stuff. The easier, the better.

Stroller organizer

Fatherhood comes with a bunch of things and the great bulk of them are necessary on the go. A capacious stroller organizer is perfect for even longer daily walks, having enough space for all baby stuff. Look for products that are compatible with pretty much every model and stroller brand and can be easily attached to the handlebar or behind the seat.

Guide for dads-to-be

With a plethora of books intended to introduce new fathers to the wondrous world of parenting, you won’t have any problems finding a trustworthy guide for a dad-to-be. Filled with advice and instructions for all occasions, such an engaging read will be a great help for a man who is going to be a father for the first time in his life. In addition to that, many books dedicated to this theme let future dads better understand future moms, so chances are his beautiful half will love it too.

Baby journal

Moms are often too busy and impatient to keep a baby journal, but many fathers enjoy recording every moment of their kids’ life, nicely complementing the words with funny pictures and drawings. Nothing can compare to the joy and excitement of reading this literary masterpiece several years later. Do your best to find a really beautiful and well-thought-out baby journal and it will become your new dad’s favorite book.

Massage roller

Even though life with a newborn is amazing, it also comes with loads of stressful moments and sleepless nights. Can you think of a better thing to fight stress than a total body massage roller, perfectly able to work out all his kinks? 

Smart watch

Keeping pace with the lightning speed of the modern lifestyle is not that easy, but smartwatches are designed with a crazy busy new father in mind. The advanced models are enhanced with an array of innovative features, so your dad-to-be will be able to hold his baby in one arm and pay bills using personal voice assistance on his other wrist. Plus, a host of great music including the best lullabies will be literally just at his fingertips.

Kangaroo shirt

Another approach to the idea of babywearing comes in the form of a cozy T-shirt named after the mom who always carries her precious child with her. It is a good alternative for a baby carrier for home use. Not so robust and reliable as a structured baby carrier, it is not the best option for outside walks or shopping but this one-of-its-kind piece of clothes can do a great job inside.

Nothing compares to the anticipation of a baby. While moms usually the ones to be in the center of attention, dads are often unfairly left out. Choose one of the useful gifts from our list to show a future dad that he is also important.

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