8 Mexican Dishes You Need to Try at Cancun

Are you planning to visit Mexico? Here are 8 dishes you need to try when you are at Cancun.

Mexican dishes to try

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Welcome to the food guide of Cancun. Probably you are looking for some awesome dishes you want to try in Cancun. Fortunately, we have been in Cancun and made this guide to help you discover the best dishes yourself.

Cancun is a city in Yucatan boarded to the Caribbean Sea. Cancun is known for its beaches, resorts, nightlife, exclusiveness, and food. Cancun is very popular to travel, properly you will stay here for a few days. In this article, you read what the best places are to eat and what you need to order at these places. 

We love Mexico, it is one of the best countries to travel trough. Cancun is one of the highlights during your trip through Mexico. Cancun is a perfect destination because the beaches are breathtaking. The water is so crystal blue and the sand magnificent brown, it is incredible when you stand at the beach. Also, the nature around Cancun is worth a visit. You can organize a day trip to know a little bit about the environment. You can visit some Mayan buildings, visit one of the best cenotes in the world, and many more. Cancun is a perfect mix because of beaches and activities. Every type of traveler will enjoy it.

One of the reasons that Mexico is so popular is due to the fact that the food is so good. Every time when you order your food you will be surprised how delicious it is! The 8 dishes you will read in this article will surprise you!

Tacos al pastor

Probably you are familiar with tacos because you can find them all over the world. We can tell you this: the tacos in Mexico will taste different than the ones you are used to. Tacos al pastor is the best variant of all tacos. Tacos al pastor are different in flavor than the other tacos due to the fact that they resemble a Middle Eastern dish, this is because the lamb shoarma was brought to Mexico by Lebanese immigrants. Normally tacos al pastor are filled with grilled pork. We are curtained that you will love this dish because its taste is delicious due to the traditional herbs.

“La Troje” is located on Plaza Las Americas is one of the best local restaurants you can find in Cancun. A big benefit of this place is that you don’t see a lot of travelers.

Cochinita pibil

Probably you have never heard about cochinita pibil. When you are in Cancun you need to try this dish, because it is delicious. The pulled pork is the main ingredient of this dish. The pulled pork is prepared by slow cooking in annatto with orange juice and lime. Due to the process, the meat has such a strong taste. Pickled onions are served on top. This dish is certainly one of the dishes that will surprise you and one of the dishes that you will order more than once during your stay in Mexico.

The best place to order cochinita pibil is “La Fonda Del Zancudo”.


Of course, you know enchiladas and you will enjoy them. Enchiladas originally date back to the Maya period. You can order enchiladas in different ways, with meat, chicken, or seafood. Beans and vegetables are also included. If there is something that you don’t like to be added to the enchiladas you can indicate this during ordering. The chili sauce that is used as a topping makes it a delicious dish.

Looking for a place where you can eat traditional Mexican food? “Marakame Café” is a great place for having lunch.


At “Marakame Café” where you can order delicious enchiladas but don’t forget the soups! At this place, they serve pozole, a soup which is stewed for a long time in corn and various herbs. You can order pozole in different versions. We love the vegetarian version, well worth a try.


Tostadas are great! Tostadas are really simple, the tortilla is baked in oil and topped with frijoles (beans), cheese, meat, seafood and ceviche.

You can find tostadas at different places in Cancun, it isn’t necessary to go to a specific restaurant.


Burrito is our favorite dish only officially it isn’t a dish that occurs in the north of Mexico, so it doesn’t originate from the Cancun region. Therefore it makes it difficult to find a place where you can order burritos.

“Surfin Burrito” is the best place to go. At this place, they serve the best shrimp burritos. They of course have other burritos if you don’t like fish. At Surfin Burrito they have a lot of variants so you will certainly find one that you like.


Guacamole is world famous and therefore it doesn’t need any explanation. The only tip that we can give is, order some tortilla chips with guacamole with a drink and enjoy. 

If you look for a great place to relax you can go to “Puerto Madero”. At this restaurant, you have an awesome view of where you can enjoy guacamole.


Elote can be bought on every street corner in Mexico. Elote is corn on a stick that is eaten like ice cream. The ingredients that elote contains are salt, lime, chili powder, butter, mayonnaise, and sour cream. 

Other restaurants in Cancun that are worth a visit

Besides the fact that the above 8 dishes are worth trying during your stay in Cancun, there are a few restaurants in Cancun which are worth to visit. These restaurants aren’t necessarily selected for Mexican cuisine. It is also nice to vary your dishes from different cuisines.

If you want to love Indian food, you should visit “Taste of India”. The best lobster in Cancun can be found at “Lorenzillo’s”. This place is one of the best-known restaurants in Cancun for eating lobster. Visit “Thai Lounge Cancun” if you love the food of Thailand. If you are a sushi lover, you need to visit “Irori”. At this place, they don’t serve a lot of different things only the things that you can order are incredibly tasty. Are you curious to eat Mexican food that is different than other places you should go to “La Destileria”? This place is modern where they serve the dishes differently than others.

We hope this article helps you to try all these awesome dishes in Cancun. Hopefully, you will enjoy the food in Mexico just like we did.

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