Working Moms Raise More Independent Kids

Working moms raise more independent kids.

working moms independent kids

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Description: Ever wondered why some kids always seem okay no matter the kind of situation that they are in? Showing how independent they can be and maturely handling issues? Can it be because they have working mothers? Read on to find out.

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Working mothers are known to be go-getters, bold, smart, intelligent, and able to handle whatever comes their way. They try as much as possible to ensure that their children will never lack any needs. The main concern, though, is the kind of effect that their character will have on the kids. Will she be too harsh with them? Will they be learning from her? Will they take the advantage to do stuff simply because mom is busy at work? Or are there benefits to pick from the situation that these kids are in?

Benefits of being a working mother

Contrary to the social myths about working mothers, there are many benefits that their children have. Most of them are observations from how the mother carries herself out, and others are lessons that they learn from her. Here are the positive effects of working mothers.

Kids become more independent

Since mummy is usually busy at work, the kids become more independent. They learn how to clean, get ready for school, and cook is in these kids’ to-do lists. The drive comes from the determination which their mother shows when she works hard to provide them with everything they need, so the least they can do is to help her out with stuff in the house. Eventually, they will learn how to depend on their own.

Working mothers are great time managers

Working mothers have positive effects on the family despite what they have to go through daily. At home, they work as hard as they do at their job to ensure that they do all the responsibilities on their plate. That includes waking up early to take their kids to school, attend their meetings and events, remain competitive at work by working on projects, and get home early enough to make dinner for everyone.

Children with working mothers perform better in school

Without a single doubt, smart kids are a product of working moms. You can say that’s debatable but let us consider these; the fact that their mother is doing so well to give these kids motivation to challenge themselves and good education in the future.

Working mums enjoy their breaks

Ever wondered why there is a family that always goes for a holiday during school breaks? Working mothers tend to cool off the pressure from work and the daily dealing by treating themselves to vacation and take the whole family together. The move serves as a way of unwinding, bonding with kids in a new environment, and even improving their diet and nutrition.

It’s rare to see a depressed working mother

Even single working mothers seldom have depression. The reason behind this is that after the pressure from work and day’s events, they get home to the family and also to relax. It helps them cool off and feel more comfortable knowing everyone at home is fine and that she is loved and appreciated.

Working mothers are role models

The determination, passion, discipline, and great work ethic makes the working mothers role models for their kids. Children would like to take after a mother who shows the willingness to work and takes great care of them. Balancing the time and meeting all the needs is something they admire in their moms.

Girls have working mums as their mentors

Working moms are often the mentors of their daughters. They guide them on how to live like a lady as she gets to every stage in her life to ensure that she is on the right track and makes all the proper steps. Encouragement and follow-ups are also inclusive in the mentorship package to ensure her daughter strives for the best.

Kids with working mothers are well-behaved

Mothers working from home are strict in the right way, and discipline is paramount in that home. Moral values are enforced on these kids from a tender age that they carry with them to school, so they are less likely to cause any mischievous behaviors.

Kids with working mothers are more prepared for the real world

Having talked about all the positive effects of working mothers, it is very clear that their kids have an advantage. Having a mentor or a role model and doing many things on your own puts their kids on a better seat to survive the real world at ease. The mental, emotional, and physical support that working mothers give to their kids prepares them for the real world.


It is only fair to give credit to working moms for being the best mothers out there. The effort and determination that they show to keep their homes in one piece and ensure that their kids get the best is admirable. These working mums should be applauded for raising amazing kids and also working as hard in their workplaces.

Do you know of any working mom? What do you admire in her? How did her kids turn out to be? Leave a comment.

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