5 Ways Busy Moms Can Make Time for Exercising

How can busy moms make time for exercising?

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Busy schedules make it difficult for a lot of moms to find time for workouts. This should not be the case since there are many ways busy moms can make time for exercise. Additionally, there’s no need to spend a long time every day struggling for a toned and healthy body.

Even spending 20 minutes of exercise daily will take you a long way, Simple Fitness Hub suggests. You don’t necessarily need to spend two hours in the gym because you can do some activities at home and with your kids which count as exercise. 

Take a look a just some of the best ways busy mothers can make time to exercise.

Convert nap time to workout time

Most busy moms who take care of their kids, too, struggle to balance their time. They take exercise for granted. This is truer for moms new to baby care. Unless sleep is really required, try to convert nap time into workout time. 

While it may be tempting to nap beside a sleeping child, you can skip this and do a quick workout instead. There are a lot of videos of simple home workouts online which you can use to lose some extra weight. 

Do house chores manually

A busy schedule and a bad mood make it even more enticing to use the latest home-cleaning advancements. Why not simply forget about them and do the cleaning the old-fashion way? 

Do home cleaning just like in the old days when you have to scrub the floor manually and clean the windows with bare hands. Instead of using a mower, you can use a manual grass cutter. 

Setting aside technology and doing chores manually is an effective way to release sweat and awaken the sleeping muscles there.

Make exercise bonding time with kids

There are many ways to spend quality time with your children, it doesn’t always have to be watching TV while munching on popcorn. If you think you have not had your dose of exercise for the day yet, then this is the best time to do this with your kids.

Find simple video exercises that children can easily follow. To encourage the mood and make the activity more appealing to them, you can play their favorite dance songs and change their clothes to exercise outfits.

Walk when possible

Instead of taking the car, walk when possible because walking is proven to burn calories. A person that weighs 120 pounds can burn 65 calories on average by walking a mile. Walking speed is not really important, though.

Walk your dog every morning or go to the supermarket on foot. Walking would really take a long way so don’t forget to replenish with fluids after to avoid dehydration.

Alter your workout schedules accordingly

Busy moms do not necessarily need to maintain an extensive workout routine. Again, 20 minutes a day is a lot better than no exercise at all. Feel free to change your schedule according to your availability and chances.

For example, new moms can exercise while the baby is asleep. Months later and the baby is ready for some day outs, prepare the stroller and walk to reach the park. Get rid of the stroller and have a more strenuous exercise, only if the distance is not much of a problem.

Allocating time for exercise every day may not work for everyone. You may also consider a thrice-a-week schedule. 


There are many ways busy moms can make time for exercise. A few minutes of their time daily may be used to clean the house manually, go out for healthy walks, and exercise with kids. These are some ways to have time to exercise with a busy schedule. 

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