Top Toys To Engage Kids During Quarantine

Top toys to engage kids during quarantine.

top toys for kids during quarantine

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Nothing is more worrisome for a kid than being grounded at home and to face restrictions to run out to play!

Though, the novel coronavirus outbreak has vitalized this nightmare into a reality for children across the world. Being held by the walls of the house can be boring and extremely opposite to a child’s want. Playing is an important aspect for kids during their growing years. Stepping out of home, playing with other kids and outdoor activities imbibe great significance of learning and socializing in kids during their early years.

Furthermore, parents are overwhelmed with the idea of home quarantine. The situation has resulted in tight schedules with work from home and creating immense stress about the well-being of their kids. However, you are not alone, rest assured.

With hours of online schooling, it is not advised to keep your kids busy with cartoons, and video games in their leisure time. The effects of extended screen time are worrisome, and hence online gaming, and watching television in the free time is ticked out of the list to keep kids engaged, and busy with.

Calm down your panic spiral, and read to knock on the diverse availability of options of toys. These toys will not only interest your kids but also sustain long hours of focus.

Play dough or modeling clay

Kids love the opportunity to play with messy things! Modeling clay is a desirable, and fun option for preschoolers and primary kids. Spread out a few papers, and let your kids create a masterpiece with their imaginary skills.

While creating a three-dimensional figure, qualities like curiosity, problem-solving ability, and mind-body coordination are encouraged.


The game of building blocks is good for concentration and holds a lot of excitement. Jenga instigates the competitive quality of a kid. You can team with your kids, and play an interesting game of Jenga. In the process of keeping your kids busy with Jenga, you might also get hooked to it!


Puzzles have a lot of variety, ranging from exceptionally complicated to really easy ones. Kids can stay entertained for several hours trying to solve the puzzle.

You can get an Atlas puzzle, and let your kid learn about the globe, and different countries or a one that has the image for their favorite superheroes. Let your kids have fun while learning interesting facts!

Rubik’s cube

A nostalgic game for all generations is this cube, though most of us could never complete it. Cube is the result of years of research, and scholarly learnings indeed, and is beneficial and entertaining for your kids. You might have to help them in the initial stages but once understood, children will be intrigued by its complexity.

Cube is a well-designed mechanical puzzle that can establish problem-solving thought processes.

Board games

How can we forget our beloved board games! There are a variety of board games that are still unheard of. Some of the board games that you must get your kid during the lockdown are –

  • Snakes and Ladders
  • Monopoly Junior
  • Zingo

Board games are fun and can be played together. A perfect option for family bonding during the quarantine period.

Building toys

Forming structures with toys can be great playtime for kids of several ages. The toys will trigger thinking, and understanding of spatial and engineering perceptions with regular play.

Activity books

Well, books are not meant only to read and write. You can have a lot of fun with them. Activity books like sticker books, craft books, magnetic books, eye-spy books, storybooks, and a lot more. Let your kids choose their activity book, and have fun playing with them.

Cooking kits

It is a fun-filled opportunity for your budding chef to learn baking and basic cooking. Let them experiment with their baking sets and create their delicacies. This will enhance your kids listening skills, motor skills, and a few fundamental ideas of math and science.


The go-to play option for kids and more so for the family is the scrabble. Develop your kid’s vocabulary via this game. Even if it is difficult for your kid to understand at the start, it is still worth the initial efforts as they will slowly pick up the pace.

Karaoke set

Are you ready for your little star to perform? A karaoke set will do wonders for realizing talent in your kids. Singing with music will be a fun jamming session for you and your kids.

Science kits

Some science experiments with a few test tubes and harmless chemicals can be an amazing experience and learning process for your kids. Planting seeds and watching chemical reactions will be a delight for your kids.

As social distancing and quarantine guidelines continue to prevail and parents relentlessly struggle to keep up with home and work, these games will keep kids engaged while you finish off your important meetings or chores.

Kids are having a tough time adjusting to the sudden and unforeseen transition of online studying and no playtime outside. 

Trying your hands on the above-mentioned options can put your kid’s boredom to an end.

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