Pros and Cons of Getting a Pet for Your Family

Pros and cons of getting a pet for your family.

getting a pet in your family

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Are you thinking about getting a pet for your family? A new puppy or kitten may make a great addition to your household. They bring snuggles, love, and plenty of entertainment. But they can also cause problems. Here is a quick look at some of the most common pros and cons of getting a pet for your family.

The biggest pro: you’ll always have a friend

Perhaps the best reason to buy a family pet is to have a source of endless and unconditional love near to hand. Your pet will always be grateful for the food, hugs, and attention they receive and will happy to pay it back.

When you are feeling sad or down, your pet will sense this. They will empathize with you and do all in their power to cheer you up. For elderly people or people with not a lot of friends to rely on, a pet can be a valuable part of their lives. And if you bring a pet home, your family will discover a friend that they will come to love.

The biggest con: you may need to spend quite a bit

The biggest con to getting a pet is that you may need to layout a large amount of cash. This will not only cover the cost of the animal itself but also the food and other supplies that they need. For example, if you get a cat, you will also need to get extra items such as a cardboard cat scratcher.

There is also the fact that you will need to shell out money for cat litter, dog collars, heart and worm meds, and many other items. If your pet gets sick, they will need to go to the vet. There are plenty of other ways in which your pet may end up costing you a lot of money. Whether the expense is worth it will be up to you.

Another major pro: protection for your family

Thinking about getting a puppy? Depending on what breed of dog you get, you may also be buying your family a great deal of natural protection. Some dogs make excellent guardians for your home. They will use their natural barking ability to alert you to the presence of strangers and, if necessary, may take a bite out of an intruder.

Another major con: you’ll need to scoop the poop

If you have a cat, you can normally get by with a litterbox. It’s a quick and easy operation to change it out. However, with a dog, you’ll have to invest in the dreaded pooper scooper. Walking with your dog may be fun and a great way to exercise. But you’ll always have to bring a little “doggy bag” with you to dispose of the exhaust.

Another pro: you can save a shelter animal

A major source of satisfaction can come with the knowledge that you were able to save an animal from a shelter. Even if they live in a no-kill shelter, it’s still not a natural or very happy environment for them.

You can choose to give a forever home to an animal. This is a great way to liven up your children’s lives while also teaching them about caring, compassion, and responsibility.

Another con: you may have an allergic reaction

One of the biggest potential cons to owning a dog or cat is the fact that you may develop allergies. This can come from their fur or from allergens that they bring with them into the house. Pet allergies can actually grow worse the more you are exposed to them. If you have any kind of history with allergies, owning pets may be a bad idea.

The choice to buy a pet is always yours

In the end, the choice to provide your family with a new furry friend will always be available to you. But you are the one who will need to weigh up the various pros and cons in order to arrive at a final decision. The joys of owning a pet are obvious but so are the risks. It’s up to you to make the choice that is right for your needs.

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