3 Activities to Do with Your Family During Quarantine

3 activities to do with your family during quarantine.

activities to do during quarantine

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With so much of the country shut down and many families still in quarantine, parents are getting desperate for ideas on how they can keep their kids happy during this ongoing pandemic. This is particularly challenging during summer vacation when children are used to participating in camps and other enrichment activities. Here are three activities that you can do with your family during this time of quarantine.

Get outdoors

This is a great time of the year to get outside and connect with Mother Nature. Rather than focusing on all of the things that your children are not allowed to do, switch your line of thinking so that you are taking advantage of all of the activities outside that are still available to you.

Depending on the ages of your children, you can simply provide opportunities for open play or you can try to engage them in more structured activities. Even if your local playgrounds are not open, you can have fun exploring the natural areas of your community as long as you are able to socially distance.

Making fitness fun for the whole family is an easy way to fight boredom while also making sure your kids get needed exercise. For example, maybe you want to pick out hikes in increasing difficulty to do together? Setting goals to achieve will make this time more meaningful and give your kids something to shoot for.

Setting aside a specific time of the day to get out and exercise will make this a habit for the family. This will also make it more difficult for kids to try to get out of the activity because they will have no excuses.

Leverage the internet

Fortunately, this quarantine is happening during a time when there is a wealth of options available for entertainment online. You can provide hours of fun for your family on the internet.

Just because you cannot travel as freely as you once did, it does not mean that you cannot explore the world around you. For example, you can experience 3D virtual tours San Diego without even leaving your couch. Make a night of it by preparing California-centric food to eat while you enjoy the tour.

You can also use a virtual tour to visit famous landmarks around the globe. Elevate this educational experience even more by supplementing with books to read about these new places.

There is also a bevy of online games that your family may enjoy playing together. Or consider signing your child up for a virtual class? Many businesses have pivoted their traditional classes to the online space, making it easy to find a good fit for your children.

Foster or adopt a pet in need

It is no surprise that many families are using this downtime to adopt a pet. With so much time on your hands, it is the perfect time to acclimate a pet to your home.

Not only will this provide a lifetime of love and memories for your family well after the quarantine has ended, but adopting a pet will bring a ton of happiness into your home during these unprecedented times. Having a pet to care for will undoubtedly help children who are having a hard time dealing with the quarantine.

Preparing to bring the animal home will also provide hours of entertainment. You can shop online for all of the necessary pet supplies. Your kids will love getting your home ready to welcome a new furry family member. You can also make this educational by having your kids do research on the animal so that they know how to properly care for it when it arrives home.

If you do not want to commit to a permanent adoption, you may consider fostering a pet. There are many pets that need a temporary home as they look for a permanent family. This is a good way to bring the joy of an animal into your home without having to make a full-time commitment.

It is not easy to keep a family entertained and content during this difficult time. However, with a little thinking outside of the box and a commitment to being intentional about planning fun activities, your family will be able to make the most out of this time together.

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