How To Convince Your Elderly Parents To Stay In A Home For Seniors

As your parents age, their needs become more apparent. They are less mobile, have less dexterity, need more medication, and need medical attention more often. These issues can start to mount and make it hard to provide them with the care they need in your home, which means you have to start thinking about alternative means to provide it for them. 

Homes for seniors are the most viable option that you may find as a solution for your situation. Convincing your parent(s) to move into a home may sound easier than done, and you need to consider a lot of factors for this decision. 

elderly parents in home for seniors

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Here is how you can effectively convince them that this is the right decision to make.

Approach them with an open mind

Trying to convince your elderly parents that they should move in as if you have made the decision is a bad idea. This removes their independence which can feel patronizing or demeaning to them. You need to approach them with an open mind to show them that you have been considering it but would like their input just as much as you would. You should show them any research you have come up with for why it may benefit them to help your case.

Do your research

You should research a lot about the senior live-in homes in your area to gather as much relevant information as you can. This helps you understand what you are looking for that will benefit your parents the most but also helps them see what kind of benefits these homes have. Finding the right home through your research should yield a good list of sites that showcase a solid amount of information on fees, accommodations, contact information, and more. The senior care experts at Arcare Brisbane point out how important easily accessible information is to convince your parents or to simply help you see what is available. The best way to show them what it can mean for them is the proper time spent check out all options for them. If you live in North Carolina, for example, look up the assisted living community in Raleigh and go from there. Keep in mind that you might be able to bring your parents for an examination of a few homes.

Find homes with familiar faces

Even if your elderly parents are heavily contemplating moving into a care home, they may still be apprehensive for various reasons. One big concern is the feeling of loneliness when there is no one there that they know. Finding a home that has friends or familiar faces can help them feel more comfortable considering a home. You can ask friends who have helped their parents move into a care home for suggestions as well as a possible option so that your parents will know someone. This is very useful to help them feel like they will not be moving into a completely unfamiliar period in their life.

Take a visit to check out homes

The best way to see if they would like a home is to give them a first-hand experience. After doing your research or finding out if anyone you know has a parent in seniors’ homes, you can set up a visit with the staff to check out what is going on. Seeing how fun it can be and how much independence they can still have from a visit may be enough to show them that the experience can be worth it. Try to gauge their interest in social aspects, privacy needs, or activities that they may want to partake in and get feedback from them on what they saw they liked. This can help them see that there may be a community where they would feel a part of.

Use examples of incidents at home to strengthen your case

Living at home is a comfortable environment for your parents, but if you are away and they experience a fall or loneliness or another event that can be a reality check for how they might need to consider a senior home. These examples may put it into perspective that their life at home is comfortable but possibly not as safe if they are alone. It should be an organic discussion, so do not guilt or push them, but it does provide a good lesson for everyone that the care staff are able to respond to these incidents or concerns easier than you may be equipped to.

Moving from your home to a senior living home is a major decision for your elderly parents. It takes a lot of time and patience to come to an agreement, but convincing your parents in a healthy and productive way can be achieved much easier with these tips and can allow them to live a safer, more comfortable, and more social life away from home.

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