Helping Your Kids Create a Good Routine for Online Learning 

How to help your kids to create a good routine for online learning?

good routine for online learning

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Are your kids learning from home this coming school year? Whether you’re homeschooling or your children’s school district has decided on distance learning during the pandemic, your kids need a solid routine to achieve their distance-learning goals. Here are six online learning tips to help parents guide their kids through this school year.

Show them how to use a planner

Children aren’t born with an innate ability to use an organizer. However, some schools still overlook teaching this vital study skill, which means you the parent get the honors. Teaching time management is one of the top peak distance learning tips.  What should you do to make this tool useful?

After each school day, eat a snack with your child while they open their planners. Review their list of homework assignments and help them estimate the time needed to complete each one and prioritize their to-do list. As your child completes tasks, have them check each one off, and evaluate whether their time estimate needs adjusting. With this routine for online learning, you can ensure success.

Establish a dedicated learning space

Your learner needs a space like you do if you want them to work at their productive best. If you have a dedicated home office, see if you can add a small table for your child by moving the furniture. With this online learning tip, your student can put themself in the “focus” mindset.

Alternatively, install a desk in your student’s bedroom. The danger with this method is them waking up and logging on in the middle of the night. You can prevent this by setting up a charging station in your kitchen and having them plug their laptops and tablets there before light’s out.

Incentivize class participation

Experienced online teachers know how to incentivize class participation by having students interact with each other and the content. However, you may need to add prompting if your child’s instructor doesn’t link attendance with academic credit. You can offer your child a small reward, such as selecting the family dinner, if they log in to each live lecture on time.

Meet with their virtual teacher

Parent-teacher conferences still matter, perhaps more than ever. Schedule a one-on-one meeting with your child’s virtual teacher and ask the following questions:

  • What do you do to engage my child in their learning? You can only listen to online lectures for so long. They should offer a wide variety of learning activities.
  • What approaches work best in your experience? This question recognizes their expertise and invites sharing best practices.
  • How do you reward my child for good behavior? Most children respond more favorably to incentive versus punishment. How does your instructor do so in a virtual setting?

Ask about extracurriculars

Part of a parent’s role in online learning involves exploring the options when it comes to extracurricular activities your kids can still get involved in from home.

Ask your child’s administration about extracurricular options. Your child’s school might be offering online games in place of sports this year, or it might host virtual activities and socially-distanced events.

Contribute ideas for learning enhancement

Your child’s teacher is scrambling in 2020 like never before. They may have to write two sets of lesson plans — one for the virtual environment and another for the traditional classroom if they reopen.

Be a positive school citizen by offering suggestions. If you have ideas for virtual field trips or other learning-enhancement activities, inform your child’s teacher.

Help your kids succeed with these online learning tips and routines

Your child needs a solid routine to succeed in online schooling. Use these six tips for parents during distance learning this school year.

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