Benefits & Uses of a Crib Mattress Topper

What are the benefits & uses of a crib mattress topper?

crib mattress topper

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One of the most challenging jobs for a parent is to put the baby to sleep. Babies and toddlers usually spend most of the time sleeping, but putting them to sleep can be a fussy job for every parent. It is essential to have the perfect crib and crib mattress to put the baby to sleep. The mattress will have to go through a lot every day as the baby sleeps on it, plays, and does a lot more. A crib and crib mattress are some of the most expensive items that you buy for your babies; you will have to take some extra care about them. If you are not taking proper care, maybe not during the first few months, it will get damaged within one year of its purchase. So, to make sure that the baby crib mattress lasts for a long time, you will have to buy a crib mattress topper

This crib mattress topper is also called as the mattress pad. It will not just act as a protection to the crib mattress, but will also provide extra comfort to the baby. If you are among those parents who think that mattress is for the convenience of the baby, then why do you need an extra layer of a mattress topper, then this article is for you. 

Have a look at some of the benefits and uses of crib mattress topper…

Protects the mattress

Whether it is your baby’s crib mattress or regular mattress, liquids are the worst enemy. When it comes to your baby’s crib mattress, the babies release a lot of fluids. If the liquids get absorbed by the mattress, then there are chances of mold formation. That will not just reduce the life of the mattress, but can also cause several health issues for the baby. So, making a waterproof crib mattress topper can be very useful. It will protect the mattress. 

Reduces the cleanup time

With babies, accidents are very common, and kids fall sick often as well. You will not be able to stop the babies from falling sick or from accidents to happen. But when you have a crib mattress topper, you will be able to clean it faster. You will have to wait for the mattress to dry so that you can put the baby back on the crib. You can just remove the topper and place another topper on the mattress. It is always good if you are having a safe dryer topper so that you will be able to dry it faster. 

Protection from allergens

Dust and environmental irritants are very common on the mattress. If your baby has sensitive skin, then these irritants can cause a lot of discomfort for the baby. The immune system of the babies is weak and still developing, so they may fall sick due to the dust and other irritants. If you are using a crib mattress pad, they do not allow them to enter into the mattress, and hence there is no chance of irritations. But keep in mind that you will have to keep cleaning the mattress topper as frequently as possible to avoid them from getting accumulated on the surface of the mattress topper. This can also be dangerous for the baby. 

Extra comfort

We place a mattress in the crib to provide a comfortable space for the baby to sleep. But when you are adding a crib mattress topper, you are adding another extra layer of comfort to the baby. Like we already discussed, babies spend most of their time sleeping, and offering the best and most comfortable environment is what we can do as a parent. The more comfortable space is, the more time they will be able to sleep without any sort of disturbance. 

Ease of cleaning

Once an accident happens, you cannot leave the baby on the same mattress until it dries completely. Sometimes it can take longer than you think it will take. In such a situation, it can be tough for you to put the baby to sleep as the kids get used to a place for sleep and it takes a lot of effort to put them to sleep in a different place or bed. With crib mattress toppers, you just have to remove the topper and clean. They dry up super fast than the mattress. The best part is most of the toppers available in the present market are washing machine safe and dryer safe as well. So, you can simply place the topper in the washing machine and dry it in the dryer in a very short time. That means you can put your baby back to sleep very quickly without any worries. 

So, this is a very small list of benefits and uses of crib mattress toppers. There are many other uses and benefits apart from these. 

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