Increasing Your Family Home Value – Regular Maintenance

How to increase your family home value?

increase your family home value

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Living your dream life involves your dream home with the perfect family and perfect things. There are so many areas that, you as a homeowner, can do to increase the beauty and extravagance of your home in order to amplify your well-living. The bright side of doing these things is that it not only creates ambiance but also maintains your house value over time. If you are wise enough in maintaining these things, your house value can also increase in multitude over the years. Creating and increasing value is the basic criteria of a well-maintained home and must be practiced by all homeowners. The impotence is highlighted when you go for selling your house to buy a new one and you have to face a long list of unattended and deferred items that need repairing or else you won’t be able to achieve the real estate you strive for.

While there are many things that can jack up your home value, regular and targeted home Maintenace is surely the best thing you can do in this area. It is simple, easy, and more often cheap. The general trend is to adopt the easiest tasks first and then go on to the more difficult ones. Most of these tasks are easy enough for any handy homeowner to perform. Regular maintenance also involves checking for various systems you have installed in your home and knowing about their working conditions and repair situations.

The plus side of regular home maintenance, as said above, is an increase in home value. If you keep neglecting the various things that need repair and do not tackle them one by one in an orderly manner, the piled-up work will only cause degrading of your house value. hence, we need to understand that everything in our homes is in a repair cycle and will need attention over their life span.  To aid you in this endeavor, we have compiled a list of some areas that you will need to attend regularly in order to increase the value of your home.

First impressions

The first outside look of your house says much about your home and its aesthetics. Selling online and dealing with customers through the internet only works when you provide them with a clear view of your house. Hence the first impressions are absolutely necessary for the best value of your home. Cleaning outside and clearing out leaves and debris from your garden, regularly cleaning the patio furniture, and taking good measures to ensure your paint is well stuck and done are some things you can do in this regard. Select neutral colors for your paints as they spread a wider appeal and attract more niches of buyers. 

Flooring and lighting

If your carpets are worn out and require replacement, the best thing to do is to adopt flooring. They need less maintenance and are more useful. They increase the overall value of your home if in a good condition. We recommend covering the areas with special rugs where people are more bound to walk during the day. Moreover, the type of lights you chose also speaks wonders about your home aesthetics. Bright lighting not only makes a good environment with stress curbing effect but also attracts buyers more.

After you’ve covered the floors on the inside, do a quick check for your exterior additions’ flooring. Your decks need just as much attention being exposed to the many moods of the weather. Don’t forget to do a quick pressure every now and then along with a good restain every few years. You might also need to top up a few decking surface fastener plugs here and there to keep your deck in tip-top shape.

Clearing and cleaning

Getting rid of extra unused stuff is absolutely essential when talking about having a good maintenance plan. This is especially important for basements and crawl spaces where this unused furniture and other things are left to rot. This can cause serious water damage to the whole building leading to various foundation problems. Proper cleaning of these spaces and clearing out the extra things can help you escape the heavy expenditure of foundation repairs. Hiring a well-trained crawl space repair and encapsulation professional can help you in this regard. 

Proper staging wins deals

Proper home staging will help you use your space wisely and present it in the best possible way in order to attract greater attention and arrive at a good deal while selling. Bathrooms and kitchens and lounges are especially affected with proper staging techniques that can make them look great in the best possible light. A professional stager who understands the psychology of space and knows common staging problems can help you greatly with this task.

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