What to Pack for Your Next Family Camping Trip

What to pack for your next family camping trip?

packing for family camping

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During camping trips, families build memories. That’s why anytime you take your family for camping; you should ensure the journey is perfect.

To have an outstanding trip, you should pack all the requirements. The following are things that you should pack in your next family camping trip.

Sleeping gear

It is not possible to camp for a single day. Therefore, you need a place to sleep unless you plan to rent a cabin. You should carry a tent that is big enough to accommodate the entire family. If you love privacy, you can take two of them, one for the children and the other one for you and your spouse.

For easy transportation, carry an air mattress that you will pump once you get to the camping ground. In that case, an air pump will be necessary since it is impossible to pump the mattress with your breath. Consider a manual air pump because there will be no electricity in the camping field.

You can also carry sleeping pads to make you more comfortable while sleeping. Do not forget the sleeping bag, which is a crucial camping sleeping gear. The type of sleeping bag to carry will be determined by the climate of the area you go camping.

Subsequently, if the area has low temperatures, take a warm one to help you sleep soundly. Carry a tarp to prevent the bottom of your tent from being damp. For the sake of your neck, pack a camping pillow.

Health hygiene items

It can be devastating if you contract ailments on your camping trip. Therefore, ensure you carry toiletries such as soap, brush, toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, and conditioner. In case any member of your family has any prescriptions of an underlying condition, carry them.

If you have a young kid, carry baby wipes, among other baby supplies. Consider bringing a lip balm to keep your lips from drying and sunscreen cream to prevent your skin from harmful sunlight rays.

You will shower on the camping ground, therefore, carry a towel. There are likely insects on the camping site, packing an insect repellent will be a good idea. It won’t be easy to find clean water in the woods hence carry a straw water filter. In case you have never used it, research all you need to know about a straw water filter before embarking on your journey. Additionally, carry a hand sanitizer to disinfect your hands whenever necessary.

Kitchen gear

You have to eat while in the juggle, and there are no diners or outlets. Since it will be cumbersome to carry a gas cooker, pack a propane camp stove. It is a good idea to take extra propane tanks for cooking to avoid running out. It is likely to get warm, and your family members will get thirsty, especially after playing their favorite camping games.

A cold drink can be beneficial, therefore carry an icebox or cooler. Bring a portable BBQ to grill meat to enjoy alongside other meals. Do not forget to accompany it with BBQ matches or lighter. Moreover, pack all necessary utensils such as kettles, tongs, frying pan, pot, cutlery, knives, and cutting board. To maintain kitchen hygiene, carry a soap dish, pot scrubber, dishcloth, and table cloths.

Site equipment

Once in a while, you will need a place to sit or place your food, carrying foldable tables and camp chairs. Also, bring a clothesline to dry wet cloths such as towels. Have a duct tape to fix your stuff quickly. Take a headlight to ease movement in the dark.

Also, pack an ax to split wood for a fire pit. More importantly, pack a first aid kit to use in case an accident occurs. Bring a rubber mallet or hammer to secure the tent stakes. You can consider insect repellent candles to keep away insects. You can also pack spare batteries to ensure your torches and lights are functioning in the entire period.

Camping is fun, especially for your kids. It would be a great idea to make the experience impeccable by ensuring you pack all the necessities. To certify you pack all the supplies make a camping checklist and tick after packing each item. It would be best if you also started packing early to avoid the last-minute rush.

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