10 Must-Haves to Get Ready for Back to School

10 must-haves to get ready for back to school.

must-haves for back to school

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Going back to school is very stressful. More so if you aren’t sure what you’ll need and what the school may expect you to have. It’s a big challenge to come up with a comprehensive shopping list because your budget limits you. That’s why you may have to pick what is most necessary.

Here are ten things that should not miss in your back-to-school shopping list.

A backpack

A backpack comes in handy when there are items you need to always have with you. It is convenient for carrying books, clothes, pens, and even shoes. The much you can fit in a backpack depends on its size.

When choosing a backpack, remember it’s not meant to be used for only one term. Pick one made of a durable material that can serve you longer. Also, choose a design that attractive to carry around. By the way, you can have more than one backpack and assign each to a specific use.

A lunchbox

For many kids, lunchtime is the most favorite hour. Hopefully, it’s the same for you, and you’ll need a lunch box for your yummy snacks and meals. Lunch boxes come in a variety of designs and colors that you can choose from. Some even have the images of your favorite games or cartoon characters printed on them. They also come in different sizes. Choose one that suits your taste.


It is easy to forget that you need to buy some new shoes when heading back to school. Check the shoes you have. If they are still in good shape, well and good. If not, you need to buy a new pair that fits you well and is comfortable. You may also need sports shoes for exercising.


Do not take kids’ labels for granted. You need to have your name on all your properties to help you track them. You need to label your textbooks, mathematical set, ruler, name them. You can sew customized labels into your clothing and use Sharpie markers on your backpack. We also have peel-and-stick labels that you can stick to your lunchbox.


You need notebooks for all the subjects you are taking in school, plus extra for your personal use. If your school is not supplying notebooks, you must buy them on your own. Even if your school can give you some notebooks, you may need some extra to jot down whatever you feel necessary apart from the school work.

Pencils, highlighters, pens, and erasers

To enjoy your schooling, you need to have your pencils, highlighters, pens, and erasers rather than to keep borrowing from your friends. If you enjoy art, you can buy different types of pencils for your artwork and include colored markers and drawing books. Ensure you have a set where you can keep all these items.

A calendar and a diary

Social events, music lessons, sports practices, assignments, homework – whew! You’ll so many dates to track while at school. That explains why you’ll need a calendar. With a calendar and a marker pen or an ordinary pen, you can mark the important dates that you want to remember and even write the details. You may also need a diary to keep a record of your daily activities.

A water bottle

A water bottle is easy to forget, but it is an essential item, especially in summer, when your body will lose lots of water. You’ll need water to keep you hydrated so you can concentrate in class and remain mentally active. A water bottle will also come in handy when you have an event out of school.

Paper folders

Paper folders are necessary to ensure you are organized. You can have a folder for each subject to keep your loose notes and past papers for your revision. Ensure you label the folders well so you can easily get what you need.

Study materials

As you move from one term to the next or from one class to the next, you’ll need to update your study materials. Create a list of all the study materials you’ll need and set aside some money for them.


You do not have to wait until the last minute to run around looking for what you need to prepare to go back to school. You can start buying them early so you can have an easy time as the opening date approaches.

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