How to Pull Off the Best End-Of-Summer Family BBQ

How to pull off the best end-of-summer family BBQ?

end-of-summer family BBQ

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Nothing says summer quite like sizzling meat on the grill and relaxing in the backyard with your loved ones. With summer now in its waning days, you may want to consider sending the season off in style with a backyard family BBQ. Here are five ways that you can say goodbye to summer with an epic backyard BBQ for all of your family.

Choose your date wisely

Before you begin the planning process for your BBQ blowout, you are going to need to pinpoint a date for the event. Be sure to consider the work and school schedules of all of your family members. Some schools return to the classrooms earlier than others, making it important that you verify the personal schedules of all of your guests.

If you want to gather the entire family together, you are also going to need to make sure that everyone is back from any planned vacations. The end of the summer is a popular time to try to get in one last getaway. Planning the end-of-summer BBQ right before everyone returns to work or school will result in the highest attendance for your party.

Create a signature beverage

Elevate your backyard BBQ to something more special by creating a signature beverage for the party. Have these drinks prepared and arranged on serving trays so that guests can simply grab one on their way into the BBQ. Or put them in festive jugs that the revelers can use to serve themselves.

It is a good idea to create a specialty non-alcoholic beverage as well as a boozy drink. Be sure to label each drink accordingly so that nobody gets confused. Good alcohol beverage ideas for a summer BBQ include mojitos, margaritas, or spiked lemonades. You can take any of these base ideas and leave out the liquor for the younger set and for those who do not drink alcohol.

Make it easy for yourself

The best party hosts understand that their guests want to actually spend time with them as well. For this reason, it is important to prepare as much as you can ahead of time so that you can enjoy the BBQ with your family.

One way that you can do this is to order all of your food prior to the day of the event. Using an online meat delivery service will ensure that you have the freshest cuts of meat available for your BBQ without having to deal with the hassle of getting it the day of the gathering. You will be thankful that you have planned ahead when the day of the BBQ arrives.

Set the mood

There are a number of ways that you can set the mood for your BBQ so that everyone will get in the spirit of the event the minute they step into the backyard. If your BBQ will be held in the evening, you can use lighting to create a vibe. Tiki torches, string lights, and candle votives are all easy ways to set an inviting atmosphere.

Music is also a great way to set the mood that you are going after. Be sure to create your playlist in advance of the event so that you do not have to worry about keeping the tunes going while you are enjoying mingling with your guests.

Do not neglect the entertainment

While you are busy planning for all of the food, beverages, and mood, you may neglect to come up with some ideas for entertainment. You know the style and needs of your family the best. If you are an active family, lawn games will be a hit for everyone in your group.

If your family simply likes to relax when visiting, you may want to consider putting out some board or card games. Or make sure that there is plenty of music options to keep everyone entertained. A fire pit complete with s’mores kits is always a welcome addition to any backyard BBQ.

Do not miss your chance to harness the best parts of summer by hosting an end-of-season BBQ in your own yard. Following these five tips will ensure that all of your guests have an amazing time as you squeeze out the last part of this delightful season.

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