How to Get Your Children Excited About Moving

How to get your children excited about moving?

children excited about moving

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Moving to another city or home is likely the highlight of your year. However, your children don’t always share this enthusiasm. Let us take a very close look at how to get your children excited about moving.

A new city

To start things off, get your children excited about the thought of a new city. There are always things to look forward to, from a new school to a bustling city center to beautiful climates in all seasons. There’s a good chance it’s a vastly different environment from your current one, and you’ll want to emphasize all the good aspects of the new city. 

Once your children realize that they aren’t leaving behind their old life for anything, they’ll be ready to move just as you are. A new city brings adventure at every turn. In particular, bring out a map to show the location of the home relative to parks and schools. They’ll become familiar with the layout and can’t wait to move.

Details about home

Next in line, tell them some details about the new home. How many stories is it? Does it have a backyard? When your children can’t wait to climb into their new bed, they can’t wait to make the move. If the property is still under construction, show them some pictures of the progress. For example, you might have hired new home builders in Edmonton to do the job. 

Children love seeing each new wall of the home being constructed, so give them a preview of the beautiful home you will be living in. In particular, emphasize the new neighborhood and how there are so many opportunities for fun. You can even play games such a flipping a coin to decide who gets which room and dreaming about nights around the fireplace. Just as they get excited when arriving at a hotel room on vacation, they should get excited about the layout of the new home.

Purpose of the move

Yet another way to generate excitement is to discuss the true purpose of the move with your children. Maybe you’re moving for a career relocation. Maybe you’re moving to be closer to family members. The bottom line is, nobody likes change without a purpose, and that includes your children. 

Instead of leaving them out of the conversation, invite them to join in and share thoughts about the move. You’ll be able to disclose why this move is necessary, and they’ll be able to tell you their side of the story as well. Overall, this sort of transparency is healthy for the whole family.

Hobbies and activities

Last but not least, get your children excited about all the possible hobbies and activities in and around the new home. If you live in a warm climate right now, the kids might go crazy over the thought of the ice skating rink down the road. If you’re battling with snow in the winter at the moment, they’ll go wild over the thought of scuba diving on the coast near your new home. In essence, you want to focus on all the positives of your destination. 

While it’s sad to leave all your old friends behind, assure your children that there is a loving community waiting for them at the new school. They’ll make so many friends go on adventures with. Most importantly, if your children currently participate in sports, let them know that the same sports will exist after the move. They won’t have to drop their basketball dreams just because they’re leaving the old gym.

When all is said and done, these are a few great ways to get your children excited about moving. Once your children are aware of everything to look forward to, they’ll be on board as well. Use some of these tips to bring out their enthusiasm!

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