The Magical Middle East – Let’s Discover Saudi Arabia

The Middle East is magical. It is full of amazing sights. And from 2019, Saudi Arabia is awaiting the tourists too. Let’s discover this new part of the world.

travel to Saudi Arabia

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The world of the Middle East is one of the most characteristic examples of the ‘familiar unknown’ world. The image of The Arabian Nights, the fabulous world of the East, the exotic cultures, or just the bustling bazaars all live somewhere inside us. The Middle East is a magical place, where a multitude of experiences awaits tourist that can only feel here.

What do I mean?

  • beautiful and varied landscape: this countryside is much more diverse than you might think for the first time. You can find here everything, often within a country, from abundant springs, and lush forests to snowy mountains, and deserts.
  • authentic Oriental hospitality: even today, it is a living tradition. According to international tourists traveling in the Middle East, the biggest impressions on them were the directness and the kindness of the people.


travel to Saudi Arabia

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  • unique culinary experiences: of course, the cuisine of the region is deservedly famous too, and it is worth getting to know in an authentic form.
  • amazing sights: the monumental ruins of Baalbek, which also fascinates Csontváry, the Hungarian painter/artist, the bustling old city of Jerusalem, the architectural wonders of Isfahan, the ancient ruins of Petra – to name just a few sights. Through the Graco-Roman heritage, the relics of the heyday of Byzantine and the Muslim culture or even the memories of the former glory of Crusaders offer an extraordinary richness of programs everywhere.
  • cultural diversity: though we tend to identify individual countries with dominant people, religions, or cultures, the Middle East is a diverse cultural cavalcade, where we can meet Christians, Jews, Muslims as well as mythical Druses or Zoroastrians too.
  • authentic Oriental vibes: bazaars, colors, scents, clothes, interesting people. Maybe, these are the vibes we have a picture of inside us, but to feel it all in the real life is a unique and particularly more exceptional experience.


travel to Saudi Arabia

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Tourists could travel all over the Middle East, except one country: Saudi Arabia. But in 2019, the Kingdom opened its borders to foreign tourists too. So it’s time to discover this astonishing land.

The easiest way to travel all over the country is to fly with Saudi Airlines. It has twenty-four domestic destinations, and among these cities, we can find several ones that are worth visiting, for example, the country’s five UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the Red Sea coast, and the Empty Quarter (Rab el-Háli).

Visitors interested in the World Heritage Sites will be amazed at the authentic cultural experiences, the breathtaking natural beauties, and many other treasures that Saudi Arabia offers for them.

  • Al-Hijr Archaeological Site (Madâin Sâlih) – Al-Hijr is the most intact archaeological site of Nabataean civilization south of Petra (Jordan). Al-Hijr with its 111 monumental tombs, 94 of which are decorated, and water wells are a unique testimony to Nabataeans.
  • At-Turaif District in ad-Dir’iyah – At-Turaif was the first capital of the Saudi Dynasty, founded in the 15th Century in the heart of the Arabian Peninsula.
  • the historic city of Jeddah and the Gate to Makkah – Jeddah is situated on the eastern shore of the Red Sea. It was the major port for the Indian Ocean trade routes, and it was also the gateway for Muslim pilgrims to Mekka, who arrived by sea.
  • Hail Region – The region has two archeological sites: Jabel Umm Sinman at Jubbah and the Jabal al-Manjor and Raat at Shuwaymis. They are the largest and the most important ones in Saudi Arabia. They show numerous representations of human and animal figures covering 10.000 years of history.
  • Al-Ahsa Oasis – Al-Ahsa is the largest oasis in the world, with its 2.5 million date palms. It is situated in the Eastern Arabian Peninsula, and it comprises gardens, canals, springs, wells, and a drainage lake, as well as historical buildings, urban fabric, and archeological sites. It is noted for its unique geocultural landscape, and it is a great example of how humans can interact with the environment without harm.

If you are not a travel expert, but you don’t want to miss any of these incredible spectacles, and you want to have the best accommodation you can, just check the Saudi Arabia’s flight deals to optimize your travel plans inside the Kingdom.


travel to Saudi Arabia

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travel to Saudi Arabia

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The Arabian Kingdom was closed for so many years for foreign tourists. After the opening of its border, anybody can admire its natural beauties, its amazing historical buildings, and archeological sites and can enjoy the swimming and diving in the Red Sea and the road trips in the desert or the snowy mountains.

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