Unique Ways to Encourage Kids to do Chores

How to encourage kids to do chores?

encourage kids to do chores

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Historically, kids have dragged their feet when it comes to doing their chores. Over the years, there have been numerous attempts to encourage and strengthen their contribution. From chore wheels to allowances, there never seems to be something that sticks. It is so important that they participate, however. Not only do they learn important life skills when being responsible for chores, but it also gives you some relief from your busy days! Changing the way they look at their responsibilities is the key. Making them fun, quick, and achievable will alter their negative attitude towards them! Keep reading for unique ways to do this.

Assign age-appropriate chores 

First things first, it is crucial to keep these tasks age-appropriate. You will have the most beneficial outcome if you provide them with to-do’s you know they will be successful at—this will build their confidence and help to create a positive and productive association with chores. 

For example, if you have toddlers, have them focus on picking up their toys. For teenagers, you can assign them a whole room to clean. An easy place to start for all ages is making the bed. Each morning they will be able to check something off the list and feel accomplished, which is a great way to start the day. You will thank yourself for starting this habit early in their lives! 

Utilize time-saving shortcuts

The length of time it takes to complete a chore can be a huge deterrent and reason kids typically don’t like to help out. Children often have a shorter attention span, so when tasking them with a longer assignment, they might have more trouble being successful with adult-size responsibilities. To combat this issue, consider using technology to assist you, like taking advantage of new ways to have your cleaning essentials delivered right to you through an app. If you get this step out of the way and have the supplies ready for them right off the bat, you can save time. Plus, sometimes, the right tools and products can help make children and teens get excited about helping out. 

By taking advantage of online delivery technology, you can also cut back on travel time and won’t even have to worry about leaving the house. Paper towels, disinfectant spray, and other household cleaning supplies will arrive on your doorstep for your family to use. Be sure to reward your kids with thankful praise to encourage future involvement and excitement around chores. 

Start a dance party  

Turn tidying up or cooking dinner into some form of a dance party. Let everyone pick the music! Sit down before beginning and make a playlist. Be sure everyone contributes at least 3 songs to the list. Not only are you giving them control over something fun, but you are also distracting them from the task at hand. Give the playlist a time limit and instruct them that the toys should be organized and in their correct home by the end of the playlist. Have that playlist ready for dinner as well. It’s important to include them in their nutrition and assisting with cooking dinner is the perfect way to accomplish that! 

It is vital to make sure your child feels independent and successful during these activities. Including some fun and recognizing a job well done will do wonders for their outlook on everyday housekeeping. 

Comment below your favorite way to include your children in household responsibilities!

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