Alternate Honeymoon Ideas When COVID Ruined Your Plans

Alternate honeymoon ideas when COVID ruined your plans.

alternate honeymoon during COVIC

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Ask most newlyweds, and they will probably say that they have fond memories of their honeymoon. This key step following the wedding marks the new adventure that a couple begins in life together. Every honeymoon is unique and personal. Some folks fly far away to explore a new country while others stay closer to home to enjoy an activity brimming with excitement. Let’s be honest. It hasn’t been easy to say “I do” during the coronavirus pandemic, but there are creative ways to still define your wedding bliss and head for honeymoon nirvana. Check out our tips.

Rent a local Airbnb

Start searching online for Airbnbs near you. You’d be surprised at how many are listed and can offer the kinds of features you are looking for such as an inground pool, gorgeous mountain view, indoor fireplace, etc.

An Airbnb can be quite a romantic, alternative honeymoon idea with amazing amenities you just can’t beat. Maybe the drive is only an hour away or you could have a limo take you right to the doorstep.

There are tons of unique places to stay in and celebrate your honeymoon, and Airbnbs can create quite an adventurous honeymoon whether you stay inside the whole time or get out and move about.

Head for some outdoor thrills

Some couples enjoy being out in nature and discovering the gorgeous wilderness at hand. Being on the water is a thrill, especially when you opt for a honeymoon that includes California whitewater rafting!

Need we say more?

Not only is the recreation exciting, challenging, and crazy-romantic, but you get to experience a passion for the river in one of the nation’s most beautiful spots. Fresh air and stunning backdrops never disappoint.

Have a honeymoon under the stars

Go camping, and don’t forget the s’mores! If you have a backyard, you could enjoy pitching a tent there and gazing at the night sky together.

Or you could set off for a camping site, and there are a number of them open during the pandemic. For instance, while the National Park Service has temporarily closed some parks, most of them remain fully or partially open. The local hiking trails largely remain open, so there are lots of options for activity, too. There is nothing more romantic than watching the sky change at sunset into sultry colors while you sip wine together and enjoy those close, quiet moments alone.

Take a helicopter honeymoon tour

Here’s another option for a unique honeymoon adventure. Take a private helicopter tour to see a stunning bird’s eye views of your city or of a large city near you. You and yours are alone and sitting in comfort as your experienced pilot shows you the magnificent sites all around you. Many tours are open now and available for reservations.

A perspective from high above is always thrilling, and traveling by helicopter offers an extra advantage because of its large, panorama windows that allow you to take in the world. It is literally the best seat in the house and intimate experience for newlyweds.

Visit a vineyard to toast your honeymoon

Many businesses are reopening later this summer during the COVID-19 era, and wineries across the country are following suit. Every establishment is unique and adhering to its own regulations, but sipping or buying wine is always a sensual and welcome pleasure for couples.

As long as you remain flexible, you can still enjoy a wonderful time at a winery, and wine country in California is waiting for wine lovers to return. Most places have tastings by appointment and are booking only small groups of four to six people.

Many vineyards on the east coast are also open, and some are offering curbside pickup. You could also go out to a wine bar in your community to celebrate your lives as newlyweds and toast to a beautiful future.

It hasn’t been the easiest of times for any of us, especially for those of you who have recently tied the knot. The pandemic cannot ruin our spirit and passion. Consider one of these honeymoon alternatives. We believe that in the end, love really conquers all.

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