3 Recipes to Try out with Your Family

3 recipes to try out with your family.

recipes to try out with your family

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Sometimes, you may want to recommit to your healthy diet goals. Or it may be to give a new touch to your dinner or lunch. Or perhaps you want to avoid that “ooh having pasta for dinner again” rut.

Regardless of the situation, it would be best if you arm yourself with mouth-watering and satisfying recipes that will add joy to your family. As such, here are three recipes that may end up being your family’s favorite.

Classic lasagna with meat sauce

We all face this. You got lots of tasks you need to finish. And don’t have all that time to prepare a 2 -hour recipe. As such, a recipe that will take 50 minutes (when you use an oven) to make will be a lifesaver. And believe you me, Classic lasagna with meat sauce is one of those ‘lifesaver’ meals.


While preparing this recipe, try your best to get an extra lean ground beef. This is because lean ground beef contains marinara, which keeps the meat moist. Additionally, ensure that you have broken noodles. You can use six broken noodles. But to add a quick and easy variation, you can use nine whole lasagnas and make three layers of lasagna with each having three noodles.


You may have been used to throwing away leftover food. But with classic lasagna, you don’t have to do this. You can use a parchment-lined foil to store the leftovers. More importantly, if you need to reheat the meal, the process is simple. Just keep the leftover wrapped in foil. Bake it and then heat it at 370 degrees for about 20 minutes.

Basa fillet

If you are a catfish lover, then you may easily fall in love with this recipe. Basa is a moist, sweet, and mild-flavored catfish from Vietnam. Many people love Basa because of its white flesh that contains more flake than a channel catfish.


Are you on a diet? Basa fish got you covered. It contains tons of fats and omega fatty acids. With this one, you don’t have to worry about getting chronic diseases. What’s more, a healthy Basa recipe will provide you with sodium, potassium, and zinc, which are essential minerals for your fitness.


To make the Basa fillet recipe enticing, prepare a mouth-watering colorful salad. Then, spruce up your meal even further by adding some sweet potatoes. Besides, you can slather a creamy avocado chutney on an Indian flatbread.

Moreover, consider using fresh Basa fillet Fresh to get that exotic taste that a frozen Basa will deny. Additionally, consider adding a red chili paste. This will make your recipe more exciting and irresistible. More importantly, remember to fillet your fish before cooking.

However, if you opt for the frozen Basa fish, before cooking, thaw it and drain it. Then get rid of the extra moisture by dabbing the fish using your kitchen towel.

Bacon-shrimp stuffed sweet potatoes

Maybe you are wondering,” How on earth can sweet potatoes be the main course meal!” But here is the thing.

Nutritional value

They say safe starch is nothing to fear. More importantly, the bacon and shrimp add more nutritional value to this recipe. The bacon and shrimp contain a reasonable amount of proteins. As such, for most people, this recipe qualifies to be the main course meal.


First, bake your sweet potatoes to give them a crispy, caramelized outside. Afterward, prepare a savory and hot mixture of shrimp, spices, and bacon. Next, stuff your sweet potatoes with the resulting mixture. Then you can use ghee and olive oil to add fats to your meal.

More importantly, unless you are used to scooping out a potato’s insides, you might want to have twice the number of sweet potatoes you’d planned to serve your family. So, you will use the extra sweet potatoes to practice the scooping out.

Lastly, if you lack sweet potatoes or don’t love them, you can use white potatoes. They have more starch and are less sweet. But they have their unique taste and will still give you exceptional satisfaction.

The ball is now on your side. Include these recipes in your menu and keep your family’s joy at par.

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