Party-Ready House: 7 Simple Cleaning Tips To Impress Your Guests

Party-ready house: 7 simple cleaning tips to impress your guests.

cleaning tips for party-ready house

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Have you ever been to someone else’s house to party and found their homes to be in a less than stellar state?

It may be fine between super close friends. However, when you’re having guests over, it’s still better to put your best foot forward, especially when you invited them.

Your party might end up in a mess anyway, so why not start it out looking clean, at least?

With that said, before you bring your guests over, you should have enough respect to start cleaning around your home. That way, your home will feel warm and welcoming to your friends and guests when they come over.

If you are planning to have guests over, here are a few simple cleaning tips that will help you welcome your guests well:


At Planet Maids House Cleaning NYC, we always tell our clients that the first cleaning to house cleaning is decluttering.

If there’s any cleaning task that you should do before a party, remove the clutter around your home. Removing them from all the surfaces is crucial to making your home look clean.

Aside from that, it would help if you also took the time to remove any precious knick-knacks here and there, especially the fragile and breakable ones.

If you’re going to have a lot of guests and will serve alcohol, you wouldn’t want your items to break after an accident. Therefore, keeping them away from high-traffic areas will avoid any accidents.

Quick sweep

Going over your entire home and then doing a quick sweep will help reduce any dust or small debris that your guests might pick up on their feet while they’re there.

Doing a quick sweep is especially crucial if you have a pet at home. Reducing the amount of dust and dirt by sweeping will also help your guests who might have allergies.

When sweeping, you shouldn’t forget to clean the outside of your home, especially the entryway. If you have a front porch, make sure that you make it a little more presentable and to sweep away any debris on the steps leading up to your front door.

Spotless windows

Cleaning your windows and doors is a great start when it comes to cleaning your house to prepare for a party. Use cleaning tools that professional window cleaners use such as squeegees, water-fed pole systems, etc. These tools help in achieving the best results for your windows.

You don’t have to clean every single window and door inside your home thoroughly. However, you should pay attention to the ones that your guests are most likely to see when they’re partying in your home. 

Clean and spotless windows are such a delight in mood lighting even when you’re partying late into the night. When you’re cleaning your windows, make sure that you also vacuum it so that you can get rid of the dust and cobwebs that have accumulated around your windows. 

Fresh bathroom

If there’s one place in your home that you should freshen up for the party, it would be your bathrooms.

If your party has flowing drinks all around, the bathroom will have quite a bit of attention from your party-goers. Therefore, you should make sure that your bathroom looks presentable and clean.

Aside from scrubbing away the usual and washing the bathroom’s entirety, it would be best if you also prioritize the smell inside. Placing a few drops of your preferred essential oil or adding in a bathroom freshener is an additional step that will make your bathroom much more elevated. 

Empty dishwasher

Having an empty dishwasher is one cleaning tip that more people should apply when they have parties at home.

When you’re serving food and drinks during the party, people will be leaving cutlery left and right all over counter spaces and other surfaces.

Instead of letting it clutter your counter space and create a potential accident, you can place them in your empty dishwasher. It will make your home much cleaner even during the party while avoiding broken glass from shattering because of neglect.

Clean furniture

Dusting your home and cleaning your furniture is an important step that will ensure that your home looks clean and neat for its guests.

Dusting doesn’t even take too long. However, the effect is quite good.

It prevents dust from flying all over the house when guests lounge around a piece of furniture and end up kicking up the settled dust.

Scented candle

Your bathroom is in the only place that could benefit from you freshening up the smell. With the help of a scented candle, you can create mood lighting while refreshing the quality of your bathroom’s indoor air. 

Lighting up a scented candle is especially helpful if you have an open home, and you started cooking food for your guests. It’s going to prevent the smell of your cooking from spreading all over the rest of your home. 


Cleaning your home in preparation for guests is always an essential step to welcoming your them warmly.

Aside from that, you prevent your guests from having a poor impression of you as a host. 

No matter who your guests may be, applying these simple cleaning tips before they come to your house will help create the right mood for an enjoyable party.

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