8 Smart and Quick Tips To Clean Your Messy Bedroom

How to clean your messy bedroom? Here are 8 smart and quick tips!

clean messy bedroom

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The appearance and state of your home reflect on your mental and physical well-being. Therefore, if your home is cluttered, it can mean that even your mental health is cluttered.

The same thing goes with your bedroom.

Since the bedroom is where you usually start and end your day, you need to be more caring about it. That way, the cleanliness of your bedroom can make your mental health a lot better overall.

That said, we have listed down the eight cleaning habits that you should develop to keep your bedroom clean:

Throw unnecessary things

If you haven’t decluttered your bedroom for a while, you should start the cleaning session in the bedroom.

Have three boxes with you to categorize the items you’re getting rid of. One is for those you intend to throw out, one for things that you’d want to donate, and another one for items that you want to sell.

In relation to this, try not to keep anything in your house if you don’t plan on putting it in your bedroom because you might just be transferring clutter to a different part of your home.

Get everything off the floor

Whether it’s in terms of decoration or how you treat your bedroom daily, you must get everything off of the floor.

Leaving too many items on your bedroom floor, even if it may be for decoration, makes the room feel smaller than it might be. Therefore, you should be particular when it comes to items that occupy space on your floor.

For example, you should make sure that you don’t put your used clothes on the floor. Put them in your hamper. You should also not leave your shoes lying around anywhere. Invest in a shoe rack to organize your footwear.

Use microfiber for dusting

Having several microfiber towels or wipes available is an excellent tip for maintaining a clean bedroom often. Making them more accessible will make it easier for you to take the initiative to wipe down the various surfaces in your bedroom to avoid dust buildup.

Take the time to dust around your room before you do any cleaning task. Doing so allows you to reduce your general cleaning time.

Put dirty clothing in a hamper

Leaving your dirty clothes on the floor or a chair in your bedroom is such a lazy-college-student-in-a-dorm-room habit that you should stop doing.

You should have a place where you can place your used clothes, such as a hamper. At Cleaning Exec Home Cleaning Services NYC, we also advise our clients to be creative in where to place their hamper.

For instance, you can put it behind a cabinet, so you don’t have a pile of dirty clothes in your bedroom. You can also simply look for attractive-looking hampers, like woven baskets or hampers that match your room.

Vacuum the floor

Vacuuming your floor is another essential cleaning task that you should do, especially if you have pets inside the house.

Vacuuming is an excellent cleaning task for when your bedroom isn’t too dirty, but you want to get rid of dirt and dust on your floor.

If you have a hand-held vacuum cleaner, you should vacuum your beddings while you’re at it.

Throw the trash out

Throwing your trash out whenever it’s full should be something that you learn to do as a habit.

Don’t get used to stacking waste on top of each other due to sheer laziness. Leaving trash in a garbage bin for too long will attract pests into your home, as well as your bedroom.

Plus, if there’s food waste in there, it can end up rotting and the smell will stick in your bedroom ‒ which you don’t want. Therefore, take out your trash as soon as possible.

Make your bed

When you wake up and get out of bed in the morning, make sure that your first act is to make your bed. Leaving it messy is going to make your whole room seem like a mess. Plus, a messy bed isn’t the best thing to sink into after a long day anyway.

If there’s anything that you’d want welcoming you after a long hard day of working, it’s a clean and tidy bed.

Open the windows

Leaving your bedroom air to be stagnant will make it feel more suffocating, and the bad odors will stick to your room.

Therefore, you should open your windows every once and a while and let the fresh air in the room. It’s going to do wonders for your bedroom’s atmosphere and help get rid of awful stenches if there are any.


Cleaning up a messy bedroom is a crucial task that you should always be willing to undertake for your mental and physical well-being.

It isn’t even that difficult to accomplish if you think of it as an investment in your improvement.

As this article shows you, cleaning up your messy bedroom isn’t all that intimidating. All you need to do now is to start!

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