Twins Newborn: Top 6 Most Useful Items for First Year

Twins newborn: top 6 most useful items for first year.

twins newborn

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Very few people are fortunate to get two babies at the time same time if you are expecting twins, you must be one of the luckiest persons in the world too. Nursing twins is a bit different than nursing a single baby, the crucial difference that you can find when you go for shopping for twins. So, without further waiting, let’s see what the 10 most useful items that you need to raise your two newborns are.

Top 6 useful items for twins


Your babies can easily fit inside a single crib for the one month or two but, when they grow older and start moving their body parts, you need to shift them into separate cribs. There are different variations of baby cribs available in the market, such as standard cribs, bassinet, convertible cribs are the most popular types.

We recommend you to buy convertible cribs as it can be adjustable with baby’s size for years. Moreover, if you love to design your home with a stylish baby crib, you can pick a round crib to beautify your home.

Infant car seats 

There is no skipping of this if you want to let your babies out of the hospital. Many hospitals made it compulsory to use an infant car seat before getting inside in a vehicle with babies. In this case, you need two infant car seats for each of them.

Make sure you check which car seat has a high standard on safety and take a decision to buy. You will be surprised to know that low-end and high-end models both maintain similar safety standards so, don’t worry about buying a low-end model. 

Twins nursing pillow

This nursing pillow will be beneficial and have a ton of use. It is a perfect place to chill out for twins. Besides, you can easily breastfeed both of them at once or bottle-feed them at the same time. Also, you can take more delightful pictures with your little twins while they are on the pillow.

There are many nursing pillows out there in the market, but twin pillow z can cover multi-purposes such as it can be used as cushion, can be used for tummy time, and a lot more. This pillow has many advanced features like waterproof, infant reflux support, toddler time support, and more.

A double frame stroller

A double frame stroller is a must-have for newborn twins, the main advantage of a double frame stroller is that you can take both babies within one frame. Besides, it is adjustable with an infant car seat, meaning you can adjust infant car seats with double frame strollers outside of the car or while carrying around.

It saves a lot of cost because of the adaptability with a car seat, and the cost of a regular-sized double is much higher than a frame. If you love to visit a park, go shopping with twins, or going out to visit a doctor this frame stroller will help you a lot of ways. Make sure you read instructions or watch videos about how to adjust infant car seats with a frame stroller to get a clear idea about it.

Baby monitor 

A baby monitor is always a must-have whether you have a single baby or twins. It allows you to do household chores done while your two little one is sleeping also, give you some free time for napping. A baby monitor alerts you when babies wake up, moving their cots, and cries for any reason. Some baby monitor tracks sleep motions and alert if anything wrong happens to them.

Twins diaper bag

You must carry a lot of items when you want to go outside with twins, meaning a need a larger bag that has a lot a compartment for organizing items and capable of carrying a lot of essential staff for twins.

Skip Hop Duo is a perfect choice for you because it has many interiors and exterior pockets, adjustable with strollers, machine washable cushioned changing pad, the artful balance of fashion and function, and lot more useful features.


While carrying your newborn twins if you want to go anywhere and two free hands, having a comfortable carrier for twins is the best option. Like other twin gears, investing in a quality twin baby carrier will help you free up your hands so that you can tend to other things that need your attention.

There are many different baby carriers out there on the market. However, when you’re shopping for a baby carrier for your newborn twins, Take note of the minimum weight limit, since newborn twins are smaller than other babies.

Changing table

As a parent changing a diaper when you have multiple babies isn’t easy. Changing tables are designed to make the whole diaper process so easy no matter what your little one throws your way; you can always pitch up with a fresh diaper without any hassle.

While there are many things you can use at the same time that your twins. One changing table should be enough for your newborn twins. Your twins will not always need to change a diaper at the same time, and if they do, one can wait.


You may be wondering how to bathing newborn twins and do you need double the gear? The answer is: No. One bathtub should be enough for your newborn twins. Newborns are slippery and squiggly, so bathing one at a time is a safer and much easier way to go.

Just remember your bath-safety basics before using the tub, fill the bathtub with two to three inches of water, use a non-slip bath mat, and stay within arm’s reach at all times.

Sound machine

As a parent, it is so difficult to find something that calms your baby at night, because sleep is a major part of healthy growth and development for baby. Using a sound machine can help your baby with a sense of comfort during sleep and fall asleep faster, and sleep longer allow him or her to fall back asleep without your intervention. Sound machines help block out other household noises that your baby could wake up. 

Before using a sound machine just remember the safety tips in mind, keep the volume low under 50 decibels to protect your baby’s hearing, and place it across the room to make sure your child can’t grab as they grow.


Taking care of twins is always a bit difficult than a single newborn. These essential accessories will help you to make your life parenting life easier and ensure a balanced life of your twins.

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