Why You Should Beach Camp This Summer (Printable Activities)

Why you should beach camp this summer?

summer beach camp

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There’s nothing in the world that compares to beach camping. Whether you’re pitching a tent in the sand, glamping in a cabin, or hitching up the Airstream for an RV trip—the beach has something for everyone. Your kids will love exploring the coast for seashells, body surfing along the waves, and playing beach games around the campfire. So why should you plan a camping trip to the beach this summer? 


  • Cost savings: the cost of camping on the beach to renting a beach house or hotel room on the shore is shocking. Beachfront property is a hot commodity, and it’s priced as such. Save some cash this summer by planning your camping trip in a more cost-effective way.
  • Education: Your kids can learn about the three oceanic layers. Meanwhile, they can meet the critters they’ve been watching on Disney shows for years (Sebastian, we’re looking at you). 
  • Bonding: There’s no wifi while you’re camping. That means your kids will put their phones down and actually spend quality time with the family. Pair that with some s’mores and a campfire, and it’s a recipe for success.

Make sure to print the activities below, courtesy of Florida Panhandle, before getting your toes sandy this summer.

summer beach camp
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