Having a Hard Time Feeding Your Baby

Having a hard time feeding your baby? Here is what you need.

hard time feeding your baby

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Children need to have enough nutritious food every single day to grow strong, healthy, and smart. However, there are so many instances when feeding a little person becomes so frustrating that sometimes it’s hard to bear. Nevertheless, with the right attitude, patience, and guidance, you will slowly learn to give your lovely children the food they need in the best way possible, especially if it’s your firstborn child. It’s common for young children to shy away from food they are not familiar with, making it tough for you to widen their food options.  Don’t worry. There are a few strategies on how to combat these situations.

Here are some ways you can do to ease your frustration when you’re having a hard time feeding your baby.

Be patient

Modify your mindset that even when it comes to eating, children are still learning. According to research, babies will eat more of the same food as fruit or vegetable after they’ve eaten it for at least eight to nine times. However, most parents are opting to give up after two to three tries if their baby starts to cry, refuse, or simply doesn’t seem to like the food. It is important to take note that it takes time for a baby to learn, and not everyone learns pronto. It takes time and needs serious patience. If you think of getting frustrated at some point when feeding your child, remember that they are simply still learning everything.

More options

If your baby has gotten used to the habit of eating, it is the perfect time to introduce a new set of food.  If your children like berries, blend it with apples. If they like bananas, mix it with papaya. Use familiar foods and mix it with the food you want them to try. This will make the meal more inviting to them. Serve as many different foods and flavors as you can. Try doing it for the first two years. Research shows that most children start to refuse new food at the age of two. It is better to practice them by eating new food and expose them to a wide variety of tastes.

Good table

Children’s annoyance with food may be a result of bad eating habits among adults. It emits anxiety and stress to babies and plays a big role in your child’s appetite. Family meals are about being connected. It is important to bring your baby to the dinner table and allow them to see the family having fun and enjoying the food. You just need a good high chair to have a safe space in your dining table.

If you are living in Australia, there are a lot of high-quality chairs for babies you can choose from. The best high chair to buy in Australia are the ones that offer comfortability, are easy to use, and give a safe space for your baby to enjoy their food. Bringing them close to you creates a happy eating environment.

Having a baby is truly a blessing, and as a parent, we want nothing but the best for them. Feeding them may be hard at times, but the bond it creates is something we can keep for the rest of our lives.

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