10 Things to Say Instead of ‘Stop Crying’

What to say to your baby instead of ‘Stop crying!’?

instead of stop crying

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Babies crying is an ordinary phenomenon, but being able to make them stop requires more than ordinary methods and tricks. In this article, you will find some things to say that will help you make your baby stop crying. 

It takes herculean efforts to be able to raise a child! They need you to be active, engaged and attentive towards them all the time and that makes the job more challenging. But being a parent gets even tougher when your kid starts crying. You want them to just stop crying but telling them the exact same thing could turn out to be a disaster. 

When you tell your little one to stop crying, it doesn’t stop them. ‘Stop Crying’ is simply an attempt to stop the trouble instead of solving the issue. Here are 10 things to say instead of stop crying that you can use:

Let’s take a sweet break!

There is no sorrow that desserts cannot deal with. A bowl of their favorite ice-cream or cookies easily made with your best crock pot can relieve them from what’s bothering them. At Least for some time. Afterward, you can take over and communicate about the issue your child is having. 

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Hey Kiddo, why the long face? Why don’t we just sit down and talk about what’s bothering you?

Communication is the key. Talking to your kid would massively comfort your child. Spend some time with him/her and try getting to the root of the problem. Instead of just telling them to stop crying. This is one of the very effective things parents say to boys to stop crying

  • “I’m always there for you and I know it’s hard, but we can sort this out together.”
  • “Do you want me to help you?”
  • “I am here for you if you need me.”

If you are stuck about what are some smart things to say to your crying child. This one will work magic. Crying often takes place because of vulnerability, when your child thinks that he/she cannot handle the problem as they are alone. Give them an affirmation that they are not! You are always there. No matter what!

Always remember, I love you.

This is one of those few positive things to say to your child. The feeling of being loved stands out all the negative emotions. This is a magic spell that you can cast on your child and see the smile getting brighter on their face. 

  • I am listening to you.”
  • “Tell me what happened.”
  • “I know, I have gone through that too! Tell me what’s making you upset. I’m all ears.”

When a kid is crying, the last thing they want to hear is to hold on to their tears. Don’t talk, just listen. Give your child some space to vent it out. Let them express the negative emotions they are carrying within themselves. 

Bad moments never last forever.

Given them the learning that will help them introspect themselves. 

If humor calms your child better, use funny things parents say to their kids to stop them crying. 

Remember, there are many things to say but you know your child better, you are the best people to make your own lines that help your little one feel comforted. We hope these ‘things to say’ help you a way out with your child. 

If you have any suggestions or ideas on this similar subject, do let us know! Thank you for reading.

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