5 Tips For Creating A Motivational Home Office

How to create a motivational home office? Here are 5 tips!

create motivational home office

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Working from home can be pretty enticing. No commute, snacks, and coffee are available on demand, you take breaks as you fancy, there are no bosses around, and you get to work in your pajamas all day. Sounds amazing, right? Well, that is until you start working from home.

If you are new to the work-from-home arrangement, you’ve probably realized how hard it is to get your creativity and productivity at optimal levels when you are away from your colleagues. You have also probably realized how hard it is to find the motivation to get down to business when your home office is cluttered and filled with distractions. And then there are pets, kids, and other housemates begging for your attention; you most likely have learned that all these are cute and adorable when you don’t have to work around them.

To keep your productivity and motivation going, you need to create a focus-friendly space. The good thing is that you can update your workspace to make it beautiful, comfortable, and inviting, without necessarily spending a lot of cash. This article explores 5 tips for creating a motivational home office; an office that encourages creativity.

Before dipping into the meat and potatoes, we need to make this honorable mention: The kitchen. You probably don’t consider your kitchen as a key part of your home office, but maybe you should. Why so? Because this is the space where you go to refuel and refresh during a highly productive workday. You should design your kitchen in a manner that promotes your overall wellness; a kitchen that allows you to relax, both physically and mentally. You can accomplish this by investing in kitchen remodeling Sacramento.

Let’s now jump right into our 5 tips:

Add some green

 Imagine if you could set up your home office in the garden. Imagine all the beautiful greenery and constant fresh air you’d enjoy, and the motivation that scenery would bring. But now that that is probably not practical due to probable bad weather, or maybe because you live in a small city apartment, your closest solution is to bring in desk, hanging, or floor potted houseplants. If you aren’t good with live plants, place fresh flowers on your desk every morning to create a beautiful visual distraction- a reason to get your eyes off the computer screen.

Update your lighting

 How much work can you get done when you can’t see what you’re doing, maybe because the light is excessively much or there is no light at all? Probably no work at all! That is why you should leverage task lighting, ambient lighting, and accent lighting to keep lighting in your home office as regulated as it could be.

Consider Feng Shui

Feng Shui can have a huge impact on your mood, creativity, and productivity, especially if you are a spiritual person. This ancient Chinese tradition teaches that placing your work desk against a wall with your back facing the door is limiting. That position is known as “Poverty Position” as per the ancient rules of Feng Shui, the belief being that all good things in life come through the door, and facing the wall is your way of turning your back and blocking those positives from impacting your work life. If you believe in the power of positive chi or energy, turning your desk and looking into the space between you and your door might work for you. If you don’t, try it anyway- there is no fun in looking directly into a wall.


 Place your photos, gold accessories, awards, paintings from your overseas travels, and wall art on your office wall or desk. Office decorations can inspire you to keep working hard for the life your job has given you. They remind you of your personality every day when you sit down at your desk. Remember to include wall hangings with motivational messages and quotes from the people who inspire you the most.

Bring a good scent

 A good scent, probably from scented candles or essential oils, can make a big difference in your energy levels throughout the day. Some scented houseplants, e.g. the rosemary plant, can help alleviate work-related anxiety. You can use the rosemary as a herb for your culinary seasoning needs after you are done with it in the office.

Final words

Remember that as motivational as your home office is, you cannot get any meaningful work going if your desk and chair are comfortable. But that aside, creating a motivational home office is as easy as we have explained above, with a few modifications to bring out your personality.

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