How Train Videos Can Help Children with Autism

How train videos can help children with autism?

train videos help children with autism

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A child with autism faces many challenges in their daily life. However, with the right stimulation, a child on the autism spectrum will be able to find comfort and enjoyment. One of the most calming and enjoyable forms of stimulation for an autistic child is trains. For many reasons, trains provide a unique way for a child to stay focused and relaxed. Let’s take a look at how using videos with trains can help a child with autism.

Why trains are appealing to children with autism

According to Developmental Pediatrician Dr. Amanda Bennett, there are four factors that may play into why autism trains are a popular subject for children on the autism spectrum.

Spinning wheels

Many children on the autism spectrum have a fascination with spinning objects. In fact, toddlers who show an enhanced interest in spinning toys are shown to be more likely to develop autism spectrum disorder (ASD). The spinning wheels on a train can provide an exciting stimulant for the child.

The organizational nature of trains

Trains can be easily categorized into different models, types, and sizes. The ability to place objects into categories is very appealing to someone on the autism spectrum. A child can spend lots of time playing with the organization of trains when watching various videos.

Trains come with schedules

Autistic children prefer practicability. Therefore, the idea that trains run on schedules is very appealing to a child on the spectrum. In fact, it can be easy for a child to remember the schedules of various trains.

Trains can help development of children as they grow

For children, there are many videos that feature train characters such as Thomas the Tank Engine and Chuggington. As a child gets older, they can develop an interest in model trains which could lead to lifelong methods of coping and soothing as grow and develop. 

What train videos can help?

There are a number of ways that train videos can help a child during their development. When they are younger, they can act as a reward for potty training. They oftentimes might show resistance towards things of this nature, but train videos can act as a reward for these types of tasks, helping both the parent and the child get through their day. 

Next, videos can help a child develop focus. It is quite common for a child on the autism spectrum to experience mood swings and emotional outbursts. Putting on a train video will allow the child to focus on something that they find fascinating and predictable. This will allow the parent to have space to relax while the child focuses on the video.

These videos can also help children deal with noise sensitivity. If a child is in a noisy environment such as a big party out in the city, having a device with video on it will help the child not focus on the noise.

Where to find train videos

There are many places where you can find train videos at no cost. Youtube offers many regular train videos as well as train videos with cartoon characters. These train videos can vary in length and provide a great variety for the child. Likewise, streaming services such as Amazon, Netflix, Disney+, and Hulu offers animated TV shows featuring train as characters. Younger children and toddlers would enjoy trains in an animated environment.

There are also DVDs of trains that can be purchased online or at retail stores. This is an excellent solution if you happen to be in a situation where there is no wi-fi or other way to connect to the internet.

Keeping a child on the autistic spectrum relaxed with train videos

Train videos are an excellent way for a child on the autism spectrum to develop focus and calmness. As the child grows older, he can begin to take an interest in collecting and building model trains. By using trains as a means for developmental treatment, a child on the autistic spectrum will be able to enjoy a more fulfilled life. 

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