7 Tips To Get Through a Long Flight With Kids

Family vacation time: 7 tips to get through a long flight with kids.

long flight with kids

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Kids could be a handful, especially if you are flying. As it is, there is already so much stress in air travel. But add kids in the picture, and your trip becomes much more challenging. If you want your family vacation to be a success, creating a hassle-free flight is essential. 

In this post, we will be giving you some helpful tips on how you can get through a long flight with kids:

Prepare them for the flight

Involve your kids in the flying experience as much as possible. Place them on your lap when you book a flight or let them be the ones to pack their bags. 

You can also read to them the boards where you can find your flight, as well as the departure information. Allow them to hand their tickets and passports to flight attendants, roll their suitcase, and look for their seat numbers.The more in control they feel over the whole flight experience, the more they’ll be able to warm up to it. 

Find time for exercise before a flight

Before you and your kids board a plane, look for every opportunity for them to exercise. 

You can hire a sitter to look after them as they play outside or in a playground as you pack and get ready for everything that you need for your upcoming trip. Trying to squeeze in exercise time is worth it, as it removes all those pre-flight jitters out. 

Early boarding

Most airline carriers would allow passengers with small children to board early. So, take advantage of this opportunity. Grab your kids and make a go for it! Although boarding early would mean that you would spend more time in an enclosed space with them. 

But having those few extra minutes to get settled, finding an extra luggage space in the overhead bin for your carry-on, and stopping them from fighting who’s sitting in the window seat will be worth it. 

Pack a lot of snacks

You can never pack enough snacks when you are traveling with kids. Hence, it is important to check your carry-on to ensure that you have enough space for more kiddie snacks. More so if you are traveling on a two or three-hour flight or longer.

Also, keep in mind that airplane food, especially if you are sitting in the economy, is not that appetizing. It does not matter whether you’re and your kids are picky eaters. So, you must bring an overload of snacks just in case your child refuses to eat. You can try bringing a couple of “treats” to remind that flying is a special occasion or experience. This will serve as a reward for them so that you can make sure that they are always in their best behavior. 

Just make sure that your kids do not see these goodies before the flight, especially if you have bought their favorite treats. Allow these items to be a surprise once they have settled on the plane. 

Tablets are lifesaver

Although your kids’ favorite toys will help them occupy long-haul flights, as well as engage their imagination, tablets can also be excellent life-savers to keep them still and seated. 

Even if you don’t usually allow them with too much screen time at home, being on a plane is a great place to permit this special treat. Tablets can be helpful because you can always download their favorite games or shows before you leave for your flight. 

Choose the front seat if possible

If the kids are more prone to motion sickness, then avoid sitting at the back of the plane as this is usually bumpier. Also, once they’re seated, make sure that they stay seated and still. Resist the urge to constantly let them out of their seats and walk around, especially if you have a toddler with you. 

It could be dangerous to let them wander in the aisles, even if you’re close by. There will always be unexpected air turbulence in the plane and lots of fall hazards. As much as you can, refrain from letting them leave their seats unless it’s an emergency or if they have to go to the bathroom. 

Avoid dehydration

Do you know that both nursing moms and young children are at a higher risk of dehydration than healthy adults? So, make sure that you bring a couple of bottles of water with you, give your child water often, taking a drink each time. You can buy water at the airport and bring with you a refillable bottle. Remember that dehydration can quickly ruin a flight.

On a related note, try to bring more diapers with you than you normally need. Just keep in mind that your kids won’t behave perfectly every moment on the flight, but don’t let it dictate the entire tone of your trip. Make the most of the moment, and try to have fun despite all the dramas as much as you can.

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