Fun Games to Play at Home with your Kids

Fun games to play at home with your kids.

fun games to play at home

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In the 21st century, everyone is so busy that they miss out the most important family time. Parents are busy earning money for their children while the child doesn’t get to spend time or share secrets with his parents. A day at home is dreaded by some parents whereas the others make it an opportunity to spend quality time with their children. Indoor games with your children will keep you busy with them and are ideal to spend time with them to know them better. These games will strengthen their bodies and release the pent up energy. Indoor games like charades, card games, puzzles, board games, etc. Here is a list of indoor games that will challenge the minds of the kids and boost their memory power. 

Indoor putting green

The Indoor Putting Green is like playing golf indoors. Golf Putting Mats can be put indoors and played. Putting the ball of balls into a hole on a plopping green is a thing of the golf game. Keep the ball and the stick ready and aim at the hole of the mat. 

Card games

Card games are very exciting for young budding minds. Games like rummy, bridge, UNO, hearts can kill hours of indoor fun. UNO has its own rules whereas card games with kids are usually matching colors or numbers or the symbols. You will see your child getting lost in the maze of spades, clubs, diamonds, and hearts.

Board games

Board games like ludo, chess, brain vita, carrom, scrabble are games of great fun and pleasure. Be it critical thinking or competition you seek or simple fun and loads of laughter board games bring a family together. Word games like scrabble or boggle also helps to build a child’s word power and vocabulary. It is a fun way of learning. Chess increases the level of intelligence of children and makes them sharp when they grow up.

Treasure hunt

The treasure hunt is one of the most favorite games of the children. They love to have adventures. And having some little adventures at home and getting treasures in return is very exciting for the kids. “You just have to write clues or download them from Treasure Run and set him in solving the clues to find treasures in the safe space around the house. What treasures to hide? What can be more pleasing than a trail of coins which will add to the savings?

Memory game

As the very name suggests, ‘memory’ it enlightens and energizes the young minds. Memory game is remembering a trail of names of different things. Every player adds another word to the list of words. It is a great exercise to check your memory power.


Charades can be of many types. It can be guessing a phrase, an action, a song, or even a movie. It is a game where a player acts out a phrase for others to guess. It is great fun to see your family and friends act like superstars or sometimes like weird creatures.

Simon says 

Simon Says is a great game that tests alertness and quick responses of the children. Whoever will be Simon should provide several other instructions start with ‘Simon says’ command. Anybody who fails to follow instructions or gets misled into following commands that don’t start with ‘Simon says’ is out of the game. This helps children to be alert and prompt to the commands.

Final words

Playing indoor games with your children and spending time with them is very important. These indoor games are a must in everyone’s house. Be it, kids or adults, they are a favorite among everyone. At the time when you are locked up at home let’s try and make it memorable with our family.

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