3 Things You Need For Family Beach Outings

3 things you need for family beach outings.

family beach outings

Photo by Garrett Patz on Unsplash

Heading to the beach? We can hardly blame you. A little sun and surf sound delightful, especially when the temperatures heat up, and your family is longing for some fun in the sun. Kids want to be active, and the beach is ideal for running free and playing around in the sand and water. The activity also brings up thirst and hunger, so always be prepared as the saying goes. Our vacation experts have a few interesting items for you to pack along with the towels, cooler, umbrella, Frisbee, kite, and that all-important SPF sunscreen.

Plastic zip-top bags

We know, it sounds so simple about bringing plenty of plastic baggies for the outing, but we aren’t joking. Let’s face it. Sand is everywhere at the beach, and it doesn’t matter if you’re a young child or a mature adult, sand will find its way into and onto a lot of items if you don’t pack ahead.

We suggest toting along more than enough plastic zip-top bags in small, medium to large sizes to carry a number of items that can be quickly destroyed by sand and saltwater.

For example, a sealed plastic bag can protect your favorite cameras. A zip-lock bag can also keep sandwiches and fruit safe from the sand. Also, these versatile baggies can hold your sunscreen or a mini first-aid kit that includes bandages, alcohol wipes, and antibacterial ointment.

You can even pack away wet bathing suits after your family beach outing in large zip-top bags.

Here’s another cool tip. Your phone and tablet touch-screens still work through these clear plastic bags. So you can safeguard your devices from sand and water.

“Treasure” jars/containers

Not only is heading to the beach a blast for the entire family unit, but children should be free to explore and delight in the nature that surrounds them. Whether you’re all glamping in California as you hike up Mt. Shasta or you’re swimming in the bright blue sea, nothing could be healthier for your partner and children.

Getting outside surrounded by the beauty of nature and breathing in the fresh clean air is a lot better than playing with electronic devices indoors for hours. Encourage curiosity and adventure with your kids at the beach by having them look for seashells and unusually-shaped stones. They can gather these along with sand dollars, pretty colored sea glass, seaweed, feathers and small pieces of driftwood, etc.

Jars and beach pails are excellent for collecting treasures from the sea. Having fun in nature can turn into an interesting and educational lesson.

When you arrive home, you can create a craft or art project with the kids as a souvenir from your day at the beach.

Water shoes for all

Keeping everyone’s feet safe is another essential even when planning on a day at the beach. Sandals are a good choice but have their limits. That’s why water shoes are versatile for small and large feet of every age and can be used on all types of terrain and water.

Water shoes are lightweight, breathable, and drain very easily and are made with quick-drying materials. They are comfortable for kids on the go and come in adorable designs and colorful patterns. When your child is out exploring along the sea and rocky shore, this cute footwear is a wise choice to consider. Water shoes are comfy and typically made with a mesh, neoprene, or polyester fabric. The shoes are also designed with a hard sole to prevent any cuts and abrasions that can occur when walking in wet, rocky environments.

Walking shoes are durable and can be used on wet to dry landscapes, and kids and parents won’t develop blisters wearing them.

Here’s another tip. If you’re bringing very young children to the beach, look for a pair of water shoes with tabs on the heel. This clever detail will help your little one slide into the shoe.

What family doesn’t have fun at the beach? Just a bit of smart planning ahead can help you avoid mini disasters that may occur. Children enjoy being outdoors and having access to the sun and surf. Have a ball, and don’t forget the sunscreen!

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