5 Family Vacation Ideas That Will Still Keep You Isolated

5 family vacation ideas that will still keep you isolated.

family vacation ideas

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It has been a long few months for many families who have been in self-isolation in an attempt to slow the spread of the worrisome COVID-19 virus. As a result of the ongoing global pandemic, many people have had to cancel their travel plans. It is certainly understandable to still want to enjoy a family vacation during these unprecedented times. Fortunately, there are still ways to connect with your family while adhering to socially distancing recommendations. Here are five family vacation ideas that will keep you isolated while still offering a great time away.

Consider a staycation

Many hotels are looking to fill empty guestrooms by enticing locals with blockbuster savings. Recognizing that most travelers are not willing to hop on an airplane for leisure travel, hotels are switching their focus to attracting locals with great deals and room credits. For example, many hotels are providing guests with substantial room credits to use toward in-room dining and other onsite hotel amenities. Not only will this allow you to escape the realities of life with your favorite people, but it will also help to support local businesses. This makes a staycation a win-win proposition in times like this.

Private beach house

Now is a good time to look at a private beach house for your next getaway. While many beaches are beginning to open up around the country, you are still better off looking at a strip of sand that is not as popular. By avoiding the travel hotspots and high-traffic beach destinations, you will be able to soak up the sand and the surf without worrying about encountering hoards of people. If you are lucky enough to live within driving distance to a coastal area, consider renting a private beach house where you can space out and enjoy the smell of the salty ocean air and the feel of the sand between your toes.

Escape to the mountains

Heading to the mountains is a great way to connect with Mother Nature while still practicing good social distancing. There are numerous cabins for rent in Big Bear, making it easy to find a place to accommodate your family. The Big Bear area features over 600,000 acres of national forest that delivers a vast network of hiking and biking trails. Over 23 miles of shoreline provide vast fishing and boating opportunities. Boasting four distinct seasons, it is always a beautiful time to visit this California outdoor paradise. You can search for big bear lakefront cabin rentals to find the perfect place to stay that follows all social distancing protocols. The area also offers a variety of pet-friendly rentals, allowing you to bring along your favorite furry animals on your travels.

Rent an RV

There has never been a better time to rent an RV. Your family can hit the open road without worrying about eating out at restaurants or visiting public restrooms when you have everything that you need on your own set of wheels. Traveling the country in an RV is also a great way to see the country from a unique angle. Kids will especially enjoy the novelty of an RV vacation. Be sure to have a rough itinerary plan before you set out as not all states will have open campgrounds yet. You will most likely find renting an RV is also a budget-friendly vacation since you are not obligated to pay for lodging along the way.


As many outdoor recreational sites begin to reopen all over the country, camping grounds are also open for business. As long as you reserve a site that allows for proper social distancing, this is an ideal way to get away without running the risk of coming into contact with too many people. Be sure to pick a campground that offers a variety of outdoor activities to keep your family busy. Amenities to look for including a lake or other waterway, hiking and biking trails, and washroom facilities. Bringing all of your own food will also limit the amount of interaction that you need to have with the public.

With a little research and the proper precautions, you can still enjoy a fabulous family vacation. You will surely create memories together during this time period as you escape together and take a break from the realities of everyday life.

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