Rainy Season Gears You Should Have While Traveling

Rainy season gears you should have while traveling.

rainy seaon gears during travel

Photo by David Marcu on Unsplash

One of the best times of the year for going on a trip with your family or friends is during the rainy season. It is the time when rain downpours blessing, revealing the tropical scenery and adds up a heart pleasing environment. Getting caught up in the rain empty-handed while on a trip is probably one of the most frustrating things you can imagine. With the rainy season officially coming in, it pays to be ready for a strong rain. It is essential to have the basic gear or items needed if you wish to enjoy your trip to the fullest. 

Here is a must-have item for a fun and hassle-free rainy day adventure ahead.


The umbrella you need to bring should be portable, durable, and can handle heavy rains but also strong winds. You can buy umbrellas almost anywhere, mostly cheap and if you need one, stay away from buying umbrellas that are made of polyester that has no water-repellent coating. These kinds are perfect for light to moderate rain but not during heavy ones. Invest in an umbrella with a sturdy feature to make sure it can stand heavy rain and strong winds.

Quick-dry clothing

Whether you’re going on a hike or just a walk around the city, you have to bring clothes that have quick-dry technology. These items are typically made of synthetic fabrics, engineered to bring comfort and lighter to carry. When it rains, you can easily wear them without thinking about how long these clothes will get dried in time for departure. Choosing the best rain clothes doesn’t have to compromise the style, though, as there are fashionably made rainwear. Broad options are available so you can choose the style that fits your taste and comfortability. For a perfect addition to your rainy day outfit, buy lightweight pants with a darker color, so watermarks won’t show when they get wet.


Gone are the days when the only type of raincoat we knew when we were kids are those plastic ponchos with different cartoon characters patched on it. While they truly work most of the time, there are other options out there too. Raincoats that are available in the market are much more refine, comfy, packable, and durable which are useful and fashionable. Find one that has a large hood to protect your head and get a relatively bigger size so you can still wear clothes inside to add extra warmth.


We are accustomed to wearing slippers all day and it can be tempting to wear one during the rainy season but try not to. These provide minimal protection and grip in case you manage to slip now and then on this kind of weather. Instead, invest in rain boots, they are made of weatherproof leather or rubber. Besides getting a proper shoe covering and protection, you won’t have to worry about your feet getting wet.

Waterproof covers

Now that we are done covering yourself from head to toe, it’s time to move on and give importance to the rest of your things. For smartphones, having a case is not enough, be sure to have a waterproof pouch that comes with a strap for easy access. If you have a bag that is not waterproof and water can easily go inside, buy a rain cover or you can use your jacket to do the job. Finally, bring plastic bags that have a zipper on it to protect additional items such as papers, passports, or any valuable documents that you don’t want to get wet. 

It is essential to equip yourself with the proper gear and accessories to keep you safe and dry this upcoming rainy season. It is better to be extra and prepared than to be wet and sorry later on.

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