Trampolines Benefits? Check out some Exercise Comparison

Trampolines Benefits? Check out some Exercise Comparison

trampolines for kids

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Kids have a blast jumping, bouncing, and playing games invented just for the trampoline while the ‘big kids’ (parents) sit on the sidelines pretending to be too adult for this stuff. But are we? Not only is it good to allow your inner child out every once in a while, but there is also a multitude of health benefits associated with exercising on this piece of equipment. Funny, kids don’t realize this is good for them. Would they actually indulge if they knew? Big yes! You can’t help it. It’s way too much fun even to try to avoid it.

Amazing benefits of trampoline exercise for the adult body 

Trampolines are great for kids’ play, but they serve a much more functional purpose in the adult world. The claim is they have the potential to aid in weight loss and help shape the body quicker than most workouts with a fun, always-changing routine. To know more, you can check out sites like

Most fitness regimens become dull over time. Even when you change things up or rotate your machinery, the basics are the same. With a trampoline, there is laughter, enjoyment, and you can include friends or family while you exercise. The notion is when you’re having a good time, you will have the motivation to continue, and you will ultimately see better results.

Trampoline as a cardio program allows for organ strengthening, the elevation of heart rate, and you remain in continuous motion throughout the routine. It boasts increasing overall endurance, improving the blood circulation, and eliminating layers of fat that may have been plaguing you. Using ankle weight or even arm weighs can add an extra level of challenge. The suggestion is that the results come quickly.

Tips for exercise on a trampoline for health benefits

Aside from merely jumping, there is a multitude of movements that you can make on a trampoline to benefit your body’s fitness.

  • Stretch it out: First and foremost, as with any routine, before you jump on the platform, you want to incorporate a stretching session. Stretching touts as protecting you from any sort of injuries while you exercise. While on the equipment, you should stretch the arms to their full capacity while bouncing. It’s always okay to modify where you need to as long as you’re still in motion.

Lie down and work on a leg stretch where the legs are raised and lowered. You don’t need to do this lying on the mat, but there’s something to be said for looking up at the beautiful sky as you engage your legs in stretches. Make sure to do several repetitions for the arms and legs and add the spine by touching the toes. Read which muscles this mega bouncer works out.

  • Basics to begin:  The most straightforward basic exercise to start with on your fitness journey with this tool is jogging. This is going to require that you lift each foot alternately and slowly in an effort to perform the motions with intention. The arms will need to come up slowly with each movement to make the workout effective. Your heart rate will elevate, but you will realize the results of an incredible aerobic exercise routine. The suggestion is to move for 3 minutes, and rest times 1, followed by another 3 minutes and then progress to the next exercise.
  • Bouncing for beginners: Known as ‘the basic bounce,’ it is the ultimate exercise for those just starting because the concept is just to have the equipment and know-how to bounce. The idea is to burn calories and lose excess weight. With each bounce, the goal is to reach the same level of height and number of reps, which is an excellent way to exercise the body. When doing reps, always rest in between and then do the next set.
  • Bend it:  If you can touch your toes, this is an amazing way to work out on the fitness tool. The suggestion is to jump as high as you’re capable, extend those legs out in front of you, and while they’re out there, bend and touch those toes. Let go of the position and land on your feet. For you to complete as many repetitions as possible without resting in between notes to be the optimum in workouts on the trampoline.

This may prove to be a more challenging exercise for beginners or for people who have any sort of physical limitations. Don’t attempt to do any exercise that could result in potential injury. Exercises that prove to be difficult whether using equipment, machines, or merely on a mat can be modified to suit your capabilities.  As long as you’re exerting effort, that’s the goal.

Final word

The first thing you should do before engaging in any physical activity is to consult a physician. The doctor will advise your physical capacity and whether the trampoline is something you should engage in or avoid. You can also be monitored through your fitness journey to ensure safety and well-being.

It’s difficult for people today to find time to go to a regular commercial gym for their fitness regimen, with work responsibilities being at an all-time high. Add to that family life, household needs, and children and their activities; it leaves little time for your self-care routine, including fitness and that of the family.

Trampolines deem to be an activity solely for kids and children everywhere can benefit, go to  for different ways these can be used to the advantage of kids. Including a trampoline on your property does allow the children throughout the to have a good time and get fit.

But it will also enable you to indulge in what is being touted as the ideal cardio workout for adults. Not only does it work all the essential muscles in the body, but it does it quickly and with optimum results. This piece of equipment is not only for children. It, quite frankly, is not ultimately for children. It’s the next best thing for adults.

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