5 Athletic Activities to Get into With Your Family

5 athletic activities to get into with your family.

athletic activities for family

Photo by Morgan David de Lossy on Unsplash

A family that is intentional about being active together will promote their own physical fitness while also creating strong bonds that last a lifetime. Here are five athletic activities that are perfect for the whole family to enjoy together.


Hiking can bring loads of fun to your family. There is no better way to connect with Mother Nature than with a hike through the wilderness. Be sure to do your research and select trails that are appropriate for the ages and skill levels of your children. While you want the hike to challenge them, you also want them to feel success in being able to conquer the trail. You should also choose hikes that have natural points of interest along the way. Kids will love the thrill of going searching for a waterfall or a secret cave. Other tips include bringing plenty of water and snacks, wearing appropriate shoes, dressing in layers, and letting your kids take the lead in the adventure.


Kids love to be out on the water, making kayaking an excellent activity to enjoy as the family. Kayaking is a great upper body workout that also blasts calories. This activity can be enjoyed at any pace, making it easy to customize the experience for any physical fitness or energy level. You can rent kayaks to start. If you find yourself wanting to participate more often, it may be a good financial idea to invest in your own equipment and gear. It is imperative that everyone in your family wears a life jacket while kayaking. As a bonus, the whole family will love being out on the water and soaking up the sunshine and vitamin D. There is a calmness that comes with setting off on the open water looking for adventure.


What kid does not like cruising around on a bike? This innate desire for children to hop on their bikes makes it a natural activity for families looking to get active. Cycling allows you to enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors while moving your body in a low-impact way. Physical activity combined with fresh air helps to reduce stress and boost your mood. Riding a bike also helps your children to learn their way around your neighborhood or town. Before you take off on your cycling adventure, be sure to outfit the whole family with the right cycling gear. If you are not comfortable, you are not likely to enjoy the experience.

Snow sports

If you are lucky enough to live near the mountains, there are a variety of snow sports that you may enjoy during the winter months. Snow skiing is a great family activity that promotes family bonding as well as physical fitness. Getting out on the slopes and harnessing the best parts of the cold weather is also an excellent way to beat the winter blues. More adventurous families might want to try snowboarding or cross country skiing. There is no limit to the fun that you can have together up in the snow. If you live close enough to make it a frequent day trip, this is an ideal winter activity. Or make a weekend out of it by staying at a ski resort.


Running is a great athletic activity that nearly anyone can do. As a bonus, it is not expensive to participate in this sport. All that you need is a good pair of running shoes for everyone in the family. Be sure to start with short distances and work your way up from there in order to prevent injuries. You can avoid burnout and make it more exciting and set goals by signing the family up for a 5K fun run. There are also a variety of themed runs that may be fun for families. Check your local running schedule and put a few on your calendar.

It is never too early to instill a love of physical fitness into all of your family members. Making athletic endeavors fun will encourage participation. By building healthy habits at a young age, your children will be more likely to engage in these behaviors as they grow older.

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